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Race Out of Here

Decco (author) Art de Jey (illustrator)

Publisher: Xist Publishing ISBN: 9781532446573

Our hero, Jack, once finds himself trapped in an unexpected adventure. When Jack stumbles upon a new button labeled "Story Mode" during his usual video game play, he's transported into an exhilarating car racing game. Suddenly, he isn't just playing a game; he's living it. From feeling the grip of the steering wheel in his hands to the rush of cars zooming past him, Jack is no longer at his desk. He's in the driver's seat of a roaring race car on a real track. This isn't a game he can pause or reset. It's a race he must win.

Gamer Quest

Decco (author) Art de Jey (illustrator)

Publisher: Xist Publishing ISBN: 9781532446610

Our hero, Jack, finds himself trapped in an unexpected adventure. When Jack stumbles upon a new button labeled ""Story Mode"" during his usual video game play, he's transported into a fantasy quest game complete with trolls, heroes, and dragons. Suddenly, he isn't just playing a game; he's living it.

The Frog Prince

Audrey Bea (author) Jair Sánchez-Gutiérrez (illustrator)

Publisher: Xist Publishing ISBN: 9781532445910

Journey into a world of whimsy and wonder as vibrant illustrations bring this timeless tale to life. Follow the princess as she loses her cherished golden ball and encounters a small frog with a surprising proposition. Will she keep her promise to marry the frog?

Star Eaters

Brooke Carter (author)

Publisher: Orca Book Publishers ISBN: 9781459834682

In a far-off galaxy, entire worlds are dying. Their suns and other stars are being consumed by Star Eaters, members of an intergalactic corporation who use advanced technology to steal energy from planets to fuel a fleet of roving starships. But Destin, a young and newly minted Star Eater, is reluctant to destroy worlds he’s never even seen. When he finds a mysterious stowaway girl named Calla on his ship after his first solo mission, Destin is torn. He must decide between turning her in or helping her save her planet.

Les hauts et les bas de Fish

Joanne Levy (author) Rachel Martinez (illustrator)

Publisher: Orca Book Publishers ISBN: 9781459835825

Fishel (Fish) Rosner, douze ans, n’aime pas les activités qui plaisent généralement aux garçons. Il déteste les sports et préfère lire ou faire du bricolage plutôt que de grimper aux arbres ou de faire du vélo de montagne avec ses amis. Il aime aussi danser. Tout ce qu’il aime est considéré comme des passe-temps de « filles », mais Fish ne comprend pas pourquoi ce serait une mauvaise chose. Il s’intéresse simplement à des activités différentes des autres garçons. Quand il demande à sa Bubby de lui enseigner le tricot, elle lui dit d’aller jouer dehors. Quand il insiste pour que sa mère l’amène au cours de zumba, elle l’inscrit plutôt au water-polo. Pourquoi tout le monde décide-t-il ce que Fish doit faire ou ne pas faire?

Sulfur Heart

Brooke Carter (author)

Publisher: Orca Book Publishers ISBN: 9781459831612

Will’s father was just found dead in a pile of sulfur. He was a retired cop who'd been working as a night security guard at the SulCorp sulfur mill. Now, to determine if his death was a tragic accident or something more sinister, Will must return to the place he swore he'd never set foot in again.


Sigmund Brouwer (author)

Publisher: Orca Book Publishers ISBN: 9781459833203

Le champion de ski Carl Lévesque évite de peu un câble d’acier tendu au travers d’une piste. Des empreintes à proximité indiquent que le responsable de ce sabotage serait un planchiste. Carl apprend seul à faire de la planche à neige pour trouver le coupable. Quand il découvre que quelqu’un vole de l’équipement au Mont Charlevoix et que la fille qu’il vient de rencontrer pourrait être impliquée, il doit surmonter ses peurs et se lance dans une course effrénée en planche à neige pour se réfugier en sécurité.

Quiet, Please!

Russ Willms (author)

Publisher: Orca Book Publishers ISBN: 9781459826038

Junior the giraffe is just looking for a nice quiet place to read his book. But there is one problem (actually, five problems): Junior’s brothers and sisters are the noisiest giraffes in the jungle! Whether it’s band practice, family singalongs or just really loud burping, Junior can’t escape the noise of his sonorous siblings! In an act of desperation, he finally discovers the one thing that will keep them quiet: reading his book out loud.

Olivia Wrapped in Vines

Maude Nepveu-Villeneuve (author)

Publisher: Orca Book Publishers ISBN: 9781459831049

The world is a really big place for little kids. When Olivia starts to feel overwhelmed by her big feelings, she sprouts vines. They are thorny and twisty and make it impossible for Olivia to do the things she loves to do, like ride her bike or play with her friends. Plus, no one wants to come near a giant ball of thorns. Luckily, Olivia has a very special teacher. Someone who sees past the prickly and the pokey to the upset little girl and helps Olivia learn to manage the vines.

The Moon is a Silver Pond, The Sun is a Peach

Sara Cassidy (author)

Publisher: Orca Book Publishers ISBN: 9781459834903

Reveling in metaphor, with two books in one, this book encourages a magical leap of imagination and asks the reader to look at everyday objects from a different perspective. That moon is a silver pond when seen through the trees, and when they tend the cow, the moon is the milk at the bottom of the pail. The sun takes the form of the yolk of an egg, a spool of thread, the eye of a bird, an ice-cream cone and a dandelion.

Give Me a Snickle!

Alisha Sevigny (author)

Publisher: Orca Book Publishers ISBN: 9781459828711

A hug and a giggle? Who doesn’t love a good higgle!? This delightfully playful board book will have readers of all ages chuckling as they read fabricated words of affection. A tickle plus a snuggle makes for a tuggle while a snickle and a higgle gets you a sniggle.

The Book of Elsie

Joanne Levy (author)

Publisher: Orca Book Publishers ISBN: 9781459834255

Elsie Rose-Miller loves celebrating the Purim holiday and can't wait for the annual costume party at her local synagogue. Elsie plans to dress up as the fierce and smart Queen Esther, who saved all the Jewish people. But when financial hardship and a terrible incident of hate-inspired vandalism threaten not only the party but the synagogue too, Elsie, like Queen Esther, takes action to bring her entire community—Jewish and non-Jewish alike—together.

The Keeper and the Crows

Andrea Spalding (author)

Publisher: Orca Book Publishers ISBN: 9781459830059

Misha is excited about visiting his favourite aunt, especially now that she has moved into a cottage that is more than a century old. What an opportunity to search out secret passages and hidden cellars. But Aunt Dora's home in the historic town of Belfountain has also raised the interest of others: a society of crows, including the mystic albino Old One, all intent on finding something hidden. Before he knows it, Misha is drawn into his aunt's secret. She is a Keeper, one of a line of wise caretakers of the ancient Pandora's Box, and it is her duty to keep it under lock and key.

Never Going Back

Sam Wiebe (author)

Publisher: Orca Book Publishers ISBN: 9781459825789

Before she went to prison, Alison Kidd was the best thief in the city, but Ali has changed. All she wants now is to clean up her act and work in her brother Dean’s restaurant. She never wants to go back inside. On the day she gets out, Dean is supposed to pick her up, but he never shows. Ali makes her way to Dean’s apartment and uses her unique skill set to let herself in. Dean is missing. After some investigation, Ali discovers that he was kidnapped and is being held hostage by powerful crime boss, Lisa Wan.

The Wrench

Elise Gravel (author) Charles Simard (illustrator)

Publisher: Orca Book Publishers ISBN: 9781459824508

Bob’s tricycle is broken, and he needs a wrench to fix it. He ventures out to buy one at the Megamart, where slick salesman, Mr. Mart, convinces Bob that it’s not a wrench he needs, but a fridge hat…singing pajamas…a screaming machine! Bob spends all his money on things that he really doesn’t need and before he knows it has no money and no wrench.


Jocelyn Shipley (author)

Publisher: Orca Book Publishers ISBN: 9781459823907

After his girlfriend’s accidental death by overdose, Kipp has been living on the streets, overwhelmed by his grief. He wants to honor her memory and finds help to get clean, but just when he feels like he’s getting his life together, everything comes crashing down. He gets fired from his job and kicked out of his rented room on the same day. So when Reba, a friendly woman he met at the shelter, offers him a job and a place to live, he leaps at the chance. This is his lucky break. But when a girl comes to Reba's house looking for her missing brother, Kipp starts to wonder what Reba's real story is and if his lucky break might actually be a nightmare.

The One with the Scraggly Beard

Elizabeth Withey (author) Lynn Scurfield (illustrator)

Publisher: Orca Book Publishers ISBN: 9781459818569

A child tries to understand the life of a man he has seen sleeping under a bridge. The boy’s mother patiently answers his questions and explains how people’s life paths can be so different. The child observes the things he has in common with the man and wonders where his own path will lead. This unique book will speak to children and adults alike.

Tout petit toi

Richard Van Camp (author) Julie Flett (illustrator)

Publisher: Orca Book Publishers ISBN: 9781459825451

Richard Van Camp, reconnu à travers le monde à titre de conteur et d’auteur des ouvrages à succès Welcome Song for Baby et We Sang You Home, s’est associé à la grande illustratrice Julie Flett. Cet album cartonné destiné aux bébés et aux bambins rend hommage, avec tendresse, à l’enfant à l’intérieur de chacun. Grâce à ses illustrations contemporaines adorables, Tout petit toi est un ouvrage parfait pour être regardé, lu à voix haute ou même chanté à tous les petits qui vous entourent… ou qui partageront votre vie bientôt !

Oh Brother

Sonya Spreen Bates (author)

Publisher: Orca Book Publishers ISBN: 9781459824348

Moving to a new city and a new school is never easy. So Lauren is relieved when Callie, Treena and Maddy welcome her into their group. But then Lauren witnesses their reaction to a first grader in a wheelchair. That boy is her little brother, Will. But she’s afraid that if she tells them, they may not want to be friends with her. Soon Lauren finds herself living a double life as she struggles with the challenges of building new friendships and trying to make it up to Will for not acknowledging him at school.

Shadow Island

Mike Deas (author) Nancy Deas (illustrator)

Publisher: Orca Book Publishers ISBN: 9781459819634

With nowhere left to live after losing his parents and working his way through a long list of relatives on the mainland, Ollie finds himself at his grandpa’s house in Sueño Bay, "home of the supernatural." Miserable and intending to get away from the earthquake-prone, rain-soaked island on the next bus out of town, Ollie's getaway plans are altered abruptly when he and three classmates discover something they shouldn't have in a trailer in the woods. The four unlikely friends come together in a mystery involving supernatural creatures, a ticking clock and one angry gym teacher to save themselves, the creatures and Sueño Bay from a darkness that is infecting the island. If they succeed, will Ollie finally find a place to call home?

Tank & Fizz: The Case of the Tentacle Terror

Liam O'Donnell (author) Mike Deas (illustrator)

Publisher: Orca Book Publishers ISBN: 9781459819535

When valuable cargo ships vanish from Rockfall Mountain's busiest port, crime-fighting goblin detective Fizz Marlow and his troll sleuthing partner, Tank Wrenchlin, know Detective Hordish is going to need their help (whether he wants it or not). But it's Tank's mom, the harbor master who is really feeling the heat. It's her responsibility to keep the harbor safe, and the lost ships quickly cost her her job. The Case of the Tentacle Terror is the fifth book in the Tank & Fizz series about two crime-solving monsters living under a mountain.

The Invisible Garden

Marianne Ferrer (author) Valérie Picard (illustrator)

Publisher: Orca Book Publishers ISBN: 9781459822122

With very little text, this book lets the illustrations tell the charming story of a child carried away into a world much bigger than herself. A young girl and her family travel from the city to the country to celebrate her grandmother's birthday. Someone suggests that Arianne, as the only child at the party, might enjoy exploring the garden more than listening to the adults chat.

The Animals of Chinese New Year

Jen Sookfong Lee (author) Kileasa Che Wan Wong (illustrator)

Publisher: Orca Book Publishers ISBN: 9781459819030

Drawing on the myth of the Chinese zodiac, The Animals of Chinese New Year follows twelve animals as they speed across a river, competing to represent the imminent new year in a race held by the Jade Emperor, the most powerful Chinese god. Each animal competes in its own unique way. The ox works hard, the tiger is brave, the dog smiles kindly, but who will win?

Through the Elephant's Door

Hélène De Blois (author) France Cormier (illustrator)

Publisher: Orca Book Publishers ISBN: 9781459821958

It's a rainy day; so, the boy and his elephant, Émile, decide the perfect way to pass their time is with a trip to the museum. Their problems start before they even walk through the doors. First, what door does an elephant fit through? And second, why does the grumpy guard assume they are going to cause problems?

Trail of Crumbs

Lisa J. Lawrence (author)

Publisher: Orca Book Publishers ISBN: 9781459821224

After moving into a dank and drafty basement suite in West Edmonton with her truck-driving father, nasty stepmother and taciturn twin brother, Ash, seventeen-year-old Greta doesn't have high expectations for her last year of high school. When she blacks out at a party and is told the next day that she's had sex, she thinks things can't get any worse. She's wrong.