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Project Bollywood

Mahtab Narsimhan (author)

Publisher: Orca Book Publishers ISBN: 9781459832121

Salman loves Hindi movies and wants to produce a short Bollywood film for his school project. He gathers his friends when he's ready with the script, which is a mashup of all the movies he has ever seen. As director, Salman insists everyone follows the script exactly. But it's full of stereotypes and the cast and crew are not shy about expressing their concerns. Salman wants to remain true to the Bollywood model for his film but when his entire cast threatens to walk out, he has to decide whether to stand firm or find a way to collaborate.

On the News

Dr. Jillian Roberts (author) Jane Heinrichs (illustrator)

Publisher: Orca Book Publishers ISBN: 9781459817852

On the News gently introduces young children to the realities of natural disasters, terrorism and other forms of tragedy. In age-appropriate language and tone, this book emphasizes the good that can come out of tragedy, looking at how people help one another in caring, compassionate and heroic ways.

Les Loups gris à la chasse

Sigmund Brouwer (author) Gaston Gingras (illustrator)

Publisher: Orca Book Publishers ISBN: 9781554698158

Lorsqu'un nouvel entraîneur arrive, l'équipe des Loups gris à Gaston hérite aussi de son fils, Eldridge Elwell, mais celui-ci est un très mauvais joueur. L'équipe souhaite plus que tout arriver jusqu'aux séries éliminatoires, mais si Eldridge continue à jouer plus qu'aucun autre joueur, il y a peu d'espoir. Que peut faire Johnny Maverick pour sortir son équipe de cette mauvaise passe? When the Timberwolves get a new coach, they also get the coach's son. The only problem is that Eldridge Elwell is a terrible hockey player. The team is on the hunt to make the playoffs, and every time Eldridge plays a shift, it hurts the team more. Johnny Maverick is just as angry about it as anyone on the team, until he learns something important about the coach's son.

Families Around the World

Janet Slike (author)

Publisher: Perfection Learning ISBN: 9781680645828

Families around the world may look different, have different members, eat different foods, and wear different clothes, but all families are a group of people who love each other.

Atticus Weaver

Alexandra Powe Allred (author)

Publisher: Perfection Learning ISBN: 9781623597160

Wheelchair-bound Atticus helps clear his bully's name and discovers why his mother named him after Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird. Summit Book.

The Shining Prince

Susan Grohmann (author)

Publisher: Perfection Learning ISBN: 9781623597153

Michael Tsukamoto must face life in a Japanese relocation camp. Will he turn against his heritage or will his uncle help him become proud of who he is? Summit Book.

Asian Myths

retold by Frederick Y. Lagbao (author)

Publisher: Perfection Learning ISBN: 9781622994106

An anthology of retold Asian myths. The 15 stories include tales from India, China, Vietnam, Japan, and five other Asian countries.

African Myths

Eleanora E. Tate (author)

Publisher: Perfection Learning ISBN: 9781622994045

An anthology of retold African myths. Includes 18 selections in six categories--Creation, Death, Gods and Mortals, Tricksters, How and Why, and Right and Wrong

African American Folktales

David Haynes (author)

Publisher: Perfection Learning ISBN: 9781622994038

An anthology of retold African American folktales. Includes 14 stories arranged in four categories--Friendship, Tricksters, How and Why, and Right and Wrong.

Old Traditions, New Pride

Anne Schraff (author)

Publisher: Perfection Learning ISBN: 9781622991471

As a Nez Perce Indian, 17-year-old Tom Long thinks his future looks bleak, but his attitude changes when he becomes a part of an effort to restore pride to his native people. Passages Hi/Lo Novel.

Freedom Knows No Color

Anne Schraff (author)

Publisher: Perfection Learning ISBN: 9781622991242

After escaping slavery, Julian learns that being free is no guarantee of equality. Passages to History Hi/Lo Novel.

The Red Tails: World War II's Tuskegee Airmen

Steven L. Jones (author)

Publisher: Perfection Learning ISBN: 9781613845912

In 1941, an experimental training plan for black aviators began in Tuskegee, Alabama. These men became some of the best pilots to serve in Army Air Corps. Cover-to-Cover Informational Book.

from My Bondage and My Freedom

Frederick Douglass (author)

Publisher: Perfection Learning ISBN: 9781531126384

A classic title from the Tale Blazers collection. Titles in the Tale Blazers collection include unabridged short stories, essays, and poetry. Each title incorporates selection-specific activities in comprehension, vocabulary, and writing.

Twelve Years a Slave

Solomon Northup (author)

Publisher: Perfection Learning ISBN: 9781690385417

Twelve Years a Slave by Solomon Northup is a memoir of a black man who was born free in New York state but kidnapped, sold into slavery and kept in bondage for 12 years in Louisiana before the American Civil War. He provided details of slave markets in Washington, DC, as well as describing at length cotton cultivation on major plantations in Louisiana.

The Souls of Black Folk

W. E. B. Du Bois (author)

Publisher: Perfection Learning ISBN: 9781690385400

A classic work dealing with the spiritual dimension of the black man's struggle for dignity and self-realization.

The Soul of the Indian: An Interpretation

Charles A. Eastman (author)

Publisher: Perfection Learning ISBN: 9781663613455

First published in 1911, The Soul of the Indian draws on his childhood teaching and ancestral ideals to counter the research written by outsiders who treated the Dakotas' ancient worldviews chiefly as a matter of curiosity.

The Narrative of Sojourner Truth

Sojourner Truth (author)

Publisher: Perfection Learning ISBN: 9781663613295

From slavery to liberation to life as an abolitionist, feminist, orator, and preacher—the autobiography of a woman who refused to be anything but free.

The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano

Olaudah Equiano (author)

Publisher: Perfection Learning ISBN: 9781663613370

Widely admired for its vivid accounts of the slave trade, Olaudah Equiano's autobiography -- the first slave narrative to attract a significant readership -- reveals many aspects of the eighteenth-century Western world through the experiences of one individual.

My Life in China and America

Yung Wing (author)

Publisher: Perfection Learning ISBN: 9781663613271

The book details his experiences growing up in China, his journey to America, and his struggles to adapt to a new culture and way of life.

Spotlight on the United States of America

Niki Walker, Bobbie Kalman (authors)

Publisher: Crabtree Publishing Company ISBN: 9780778789468

Holidays, celebrations, and symbols are highlighted in this up-to-date fact-filled introduction to the United States. Spotlight on the United States of America looks at the colonial history of the U.S., its government, and some of its important leaders. Many colorful pictures, maps, and illustrations the different regions, climates, cities, and wildlife of this fascinating country.

My Hood

Linda Oatman High (author)

Publisher: Saddleback Educational Publishing ISBN: 9781630784638

Tyrone's mom tells him not to wear his hoodie at night. It could get him killed by the police. Too many black sons are dying.

Misty Copeland: Prima Ballerina

C.L. Laney (author)

Publisher: Saddleback Educational Publishing ISBN: 9781645988137

Misty Copeland has faced many challenges in her life. From starting dance at a late age and not having a typical dancer’s body type to growing up with abuse and poverty, her journey to becoming the American Ballet Theatre’s first Black prima ballerina has not been easy. Driven by her passion for dance, Copeland continues inspire change in the world of ballet.

Tuskegee Airmen

John Perritano (author)

Publisher: Saddleback Educational Publishing ISBN: 9781645982135

World War II was coming. Soon the United States would join the war. Everyone knew it was a matter of time. African Americans wanted to fight for their country. They wanted to be pilots. But they had to overcome racism to earn their wings.

Navajo Code Talkers

Emily Schlesinger (author)

Publisher: Saddleback Educational Publishing ISBN: 9781645982081

In the midst of World War II, a unique team of soliders fought to help the U.S. win using an unusal weapon -- language. Native Americans from the Navajo tribe were recruited to help the U.S. military create a code that no enemy could break. These men were called Navajo Code Talkers. This is their story of bravery.

Grand Slam

Evan Jacobs (author)

Publisher: Saddleback Educational Publishing ISBN: 9781630784249

Brad's truth is that life is hard. He's different. Speaking does not come easily. And words get mixed up no matter how much he pays attention. When he meets Reese, he tries to hide his differences. Brad's a hot varsity tennis player. But will he lose Reese if he doesn't come clean?