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Families Around the World

Janet Slike (author)

Publisher: Perfection Learning ISBN: 9781680645828

Families around the world may look different, have different members, eat different foods, and wear different clothes, but all families are a group of people who love each other.

George Washington

Janet Slike (author)

Publisher: Perfection Learning ISBN: 9781680645811

Readers learn about the first President of the United States. George Washington was a general during the Revolutionary War when America gained independence from the British and the 13 American colonies became the United States of America.

Freaky Fish

Ashley Moana (author)

Publisher: Perfection Learning ISBN: 9781680645651

In Freaky Fish, readers are introduced to fish with strange colors and shapes that help them survive in the ocean. Through pictures and facts, readers learn about the lionfish, moray eel, anglerfish, squirrelfish, leafy seadragon, porcupine fish, sar

Hot and Cold

Lesley Pether (author)

Publisher: Perfection Learning ISBN: 9781680645644

Hot and Cold provides different examples of hot and cold items to help explore the properties of objects. Fire and ice, ovens and refrigerators, summer and winter, cocoa and ice cream - these are all examples given to illustrate the difference in tem


Traci Steckel Pedersen (author)

Publisher: Perfection Learning ISBN: 9781680644364

Floods teaches students how too much water can damage the earth and hurt people. After learning about why floods happen, students learn how people try to predict and stop flooding.


Kate Salvner (author)

Publisher: Perfection Learning ISBN: 9781680644357

Erosion explores how change to the earth can happen slowly due to natural disasters, wind, and other natural elements. After learning about weathering, students discover different forces, or causes, of erosion and see photographic examples of erosion


Kate Salvner (author)

Publisher: Perfection Learning ISBN: 9781680644340

In Earthquakes, students learn about what causes earthquakes and why the happen in certain parts of the world. Pictures and graphs show how scientists measure the impact of an earthquake, along with how students can be prepared if they live in an are


Traci Steckel Pedersen (author)

Publisher: Perfection Learning ISBN: 9781680644333

Volcanoes explores how volcanoes are formed and what happens when they erupt. Diagrams and photographs illustrate the different types of volcanoes and examples of them from around the world.

Ethan Frome

Edith Wharton (author)

Publisher: Perfection Learning ISBN: 9781663613134

The classic novel of despair, forbidden emotions, and sexual undercurrents set against the austere New England countryside

Building Roads

Karen Lewit Dunn (author)

Publisher: Perfection Learning ISBN: 9781623599188

Building Roads walks readers through the steps needed to build a road. The book explores how technology and machines help make smooth, level roads.

Big Machines, Small Machines

Karen Lewit Dunn (author)

Publisher: Perfection Learning ISBN: 9781623599171

Big Machines, Small Machines shows how machines can come in all sizes and help with simple and complex tasks. Dishwashers, hammers, tractors, scissors, and school buses are given as examples of different-sized machines.

Baking a Cake

Vijaya Khisty Bodach (author)

Publisher: Perfection Learning ISBN: 9781623599140

Baking a Cake explores the chemical changes that take place when you bake. A cake recipe is provided for readers and they are walked through each step from mixing ingredients to baking.

Circles All Around

Allyson Valentine Schrier (author)

Publisher: Perfection Learning ISBN: 9781623599126

Circles All Around helps readers see that circle-shaped plants and animals are found in many different places. Photos of a pond, a garden, the beach, the woods, the ocean, and the sky show readers examples of circular objects in nature.

Animals and Their Babies

Helen Lepp Friesen (author)

Publisher: Perfection Learning ISBN: 9781623599096

Animals and Their Babies teaches readers baby animal names, including kitten, puppy, cub, tadpole, joey, and calf. Readers also learn how animals protect their young.

Day Sky

Molly Blaisdell (author)

Publisher: Perfection Learning ISBN: 9781623599065

Day Sky examines how the time of day and placement of the sun, moon, and clouds impact the look of the sky. Photographs help readers see that the sun changes the colors of the sky and can create shadows.

Building a Birdhouse

Cathy Elliott (author)

Publisher: Perfection Learning ISBN: 9781623599034

In Building a Birdhouse, readers are provided with step-by-step instructions on how to make their own birdhouse. Photographs show students how to glue the walls together, add the roof and bottom, and then paint their birdhouse.

Big and Little

Eli Francis (author)

Publisher: Perfection Learning ISBN: 9781623598952

Big and Little helps readers understand about differences in size by using animals. An elephant, hippopotamus, and giraffe are compared to a frog, butterfly, and mouse.

When a Hero Dies

Anne Schraff (author)

Publisher: Perfection Learning ISBN: 9781623598600

A ghetto teenager struggles to find his mentor's killer and get his own life back on track. Passages Hi/Lo Novel.

Shell's Gold

Michael Strickland & Lisa Bahlinger (author)

Publisher: Perfection Learning ISBN: 9781623597221

Shell is forced to transfer from her expensive private school to a public magnet school. In her struggle to find her place, she learns about family, and herself. Summit Book.

Roberto's Bat

Allen B. Boyer (author)

Publisher: Perfection Learning ISBN: 9781623597214

All Luke wants is just one hit this baseball season. Then Mr. Garcia and a very special bat teach Luke about diligence and enjoying his favorite game. Summit Book.

Paulo's Wall

Shelly DeSimone (author)

Publisher: Perfection Learning ISBN: 9781623597207

When gang members try to claim Paulos street and his wall, Paulo fights back with a paint can. Will it take a tragedy to bring peace to Paulos wall? Summit Book.

The Code

Alexandra Powe Allred (author)

Publisher: Perfection Learning ISBN: 9781623597191

Steven has witnessed something horrible, but telling someone means breaking the code. Summit Book.

The Club

Michael Strickland & Lisa Bahlinger (author)

Publisher: Perfection Learning ISBN: 9781623597184

Trues initiation into the Club lands him in juvenile detention. When he realizes the Club is really a gang, will he be able to break free? Summit Book.

Being Me

Lori Williams (author)

Publisher: Perfection Learning ISBN: 9781623597177

Five adolescents, with their own set of dreams and problems, learn the rewards and consequences of "being me." Summit Book.

Atticus Weaver

Alexandra Powe Allred (author)

Publisher: Perfection Learning ISBN: 9781623597160

Wheelchair-bound Atticus helps clear his bully's name and discovers why his mother named him after Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird. Summit Book.