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You Are a Really Good Friend of Mine (Albanian)

Laura Liliom (author), Lilit Vagharshyan (illustrator)

Publisher: International Step by Step Association ISBN: 9781931854443

Her really good friend has moved far away to another country. What to do now? How can they stay friends without seeing each other? They learn that there is friendship in thinking about each other, in writing to each other, in remembering each others' favorite things, but most of all: it is in the heart. Shoku i saj i ngushte ka ikur larg ne nje vend tjeter. Po tani cfare do te bejne? Si mund te mbeten miq pa e pare njeritjetrin? Ata mesojne se miqesia eshte edhe kur mendojne per njeri-tjetrin, kur i shkruajne njeritjetrit, kur e kujtojne njeri-tjetrin, por me shume se cdo gje: eshte ne zemer.