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Sara James (author)

Publisher: Mason Crest ISBN: 9781422290712

Martial arts students don't just learn how to fight. They also learn lots of other important things - like how to defend themselves. All martial arts teach you self-defense. But martial artists also learn when to use these moves and when not to use them. They know that martial arts actually lead to less fighting! Discover how martial arts can help you defend yourself too!

Sports Math

Rae Simons (author)

Publisher: Mason Crest ISBN: 9781422289204

The speed of a pitch, the number of points scored, the time left on the clock . . . math is everywhere in the world of sports. Learn about the numbers and statistics behind sports like baseball, basketball, and football, and you'll find you understand the sports you love even better. In Sports Math, you'll discover that the math you learn in the classroom is just as important on the soccer field and basketball court.

Native American Sports & Games

Rob Staeger (author)

Publisher: Mason Crest ISBN: 9781422288634

Native Americans loved to play games. From the United States to Mexico to Canada, tribes everywhere played games as part of their rituals, to cure diseases, to make crops grow, or sometimes, just for the pure fun of the sport. This book discusses the types of games played by various tribes in specific regions. It also explains how these games were played, and the significance-religious and social-of each contest.