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Long Shot

Timothy Tocher (author)

Publisher: Meadowbrook Press ISBN: 9780689843310

When 11-year-old Laurie Bird Preston learns her dad has accepted a new job in another town, she's disappointed and angry. Not only will Laurie have to leave her best friend, Christy, and her position on the middle-school basketball team, but she'll also have to make new friends in a new school and play for a new basketball team. Timothy Tocher's compelling series of sports books for girls ages 6-13 deal with sports action on the field and emotional issues off the field.

GTR, Best of--Girls Save the Day

Bruce Lansky (author)

Publisher: Meadowbrook Press ISBN: 9780689024689

Girls Save the Day features the 25 best stories from the Girls to the Rescue series about girls around the world who save the day through brains and bravery. This groundbreaking series for girls ages 7-13 has been endorsed by parents, teachers, and psychologists as an entertaining learning tool that provides positive role models. The selected stories in this edition rise above the rest and speak to today's girls. With international and multicultural appeal, it's a great alternative to American Girl.

GTR 7--Stormy Flight

Bruce Lansky (author)

Publisher: Meadowbrook Press ISBN: 9780689840791

Each anthology in this critically acclaimed series contains short stories featuring clever, courageous, and determined girls from around the world. This groundbreaking series is perfect for girls ages 7-13. These books have multicultural and international appeal. They are a great alternative to the all-American formula of American Girl.