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Earth's Atmosphere

Traci Steckel Pedersen (author)

Publisher: Perfection Learning ISBN: 9781622992195

All life depends on the layers of gases that surround the Earth. This book explains the importance of the atmosphere for life on Earth, discussing the gases that make up the air, water vapor in the atmosphere, air pressure and movement, the layers of the atmosphere, and global warming. Reading Essentials in Science.

Energy Sources

Karen Bledsoe (author)

Publisher: Perfection Learning ISBN: 9781622992256

This book takes a scientific look at different energy sources. Reading Essentials in Science.

Consumption and Waste

Karen Bledsoe (author)

Publisher: Perfection Learning ISBN: 9781622992102

This book takes a scientific look at consumption and waste. Reading Essentials in Science.

Atomic Energy

Nina Laden (author)

Publisher: Perfection Learning ISBN: 9781622991884

Atomic (nuclear) energy and technology can be used to produce electricity, power ships, preserve foods, and to diagnose and treat diseases. This book presents an introduction to atomic energy, covering topics such as the structure of an atom, fusion, fission, nuclear power plants, and the debate over atomic energy. Reading Essentials in Science.

Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drugs

Alexandra Powe Allred (author)

Publisher: Perfection Learning ISBN: 9781622991822

This book is an introduction to the harmful effects of alcohol, tobacco, and drugs. Reading Essentials in Science.