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Karen Hoenecke (author)

Publisher: Kaeden Books ISBN: 9781611813593

Great for early fall when the leaves are turning colors.

From Power Plant to House

Colleen Hord (author)

Publisher: Rourke Publishing ISBN: 9781634301183

Do you wonder why your light bulb turns on? Theres actually hidden wires that connect from your house to a power plant! There are many people in place to ensure that electricity gets to your home safely. From the electrician to the power plant manager to the worker, each person plays an important role in your light bulbs working! This title allows students to identify the connection between two or more individuals, events, ideas, or pieces of information in a text.

Lady Ginny's Tea Parties

Susan R. Jolliffe (author)

Publisher: Orca Book Publishers ISBN: 9781551439198

When ear-scratcher (the duke) and Calls-Me-Sweetie-Pie (the Duchess) do not return in time to host their family's famous series of tea parties, Lady Ginny (the poodle) and Codger (the cat) must step in. Codger slows them down a bit, but with the help of Cook and two tiny and unusual characters, they entertain eleven gatherings of guests from mountain lions to butterflies, with just the right treats for each, elegantly prepared, and (almost) flawlessly presented. Lady Ginny's Tea Parties is Lady Ginny's scrapbook, documenting her heroic attempts: the menus, the mishaps and the haute couture.

Soccer in the Snow (Double Letter Vowels-3A)

Lynda Franco (author)

Publisher: Raven Tree Press ISBN: 9781621672586

This book is intended for readers approaching fluency in English. This collection of silly, humorous poems is intended to use target vocabulary in unique, imaginative ways. The poems repetitively employ phonemic awareness categories of rhyme, alliteration, and assonance.


Chris Tougas (author)

Publisher: Orca Book Publishers ISBN: 9781551436302

When a tornado leaves a farmer with a heap of scrap metal and no animals, his neighbors are sure it's all over for him. But the determined farmer refuses to admit defeat. His plans are big, and when his neighbors dismiss them with the words, "When pigs fly," they grow bigger still. The farmer sets to work to turn that scrap metal into some rather surprising creatures. Mechanimals will help all of us believe in our dreams, despite what the neighbors may say.

Tristeza (Sad)

Julie Murray (author)

Publisher: ABDO ISBN: 9781624026126

Sometimes kids have questions about why they feel sad. This title covers reasons one might feel sad and ways that can help. This book is educational, simple, and will help strengthen reading skills! Aligned to Common Core Standards and correlated to state standards. Abdo Kids is a division of ABDO. Translated by native Spanish speakers--and immersion school educators. Aligned to Common Core Standards and correlated to state standards. Abdo Kids Junior is an imprint of Abdo Kids, a division of ABDO.


Cecilia Minden (author)

Publisher: Cherry Lake Publishing ISBN: 9781602799233

Level 2 guided reader that educates students on tornadoes, how they form, precaution, and safety.

From Accident to Hospital

Anastasia Suen (author)

Publisher: Rourke Publishing ISBN: 9781634301152

Do you hear a siren? Well, pull over and learn about the chronological timeline of events just after an accident is discovered to the time it takes to transport the victim(s) to the hospital. 9-1-1- operators, police, EMTs and paramedics, and emergency room staff are all described with the duties they perform. This title will help kids sequence and order events. Filled with photographs and captions, informational sidebars, and clear, precise text, it will be a must read for kids. This title will allow students to describe the connection between two individuals, events, ideas, or pieces of information in a text.

Fire Trucks

Mary Lindeen (author)

Publisher: Bellwether Media Inc. ISBN: 9781612110271

Theres smoke coming from a building and sirens blaring in the distance. A fire truck is coming to the rescue! Tour a fire truck and all the different equipment from hoses to ladders that firefighters use to put out fires. Blastoff! Series

Can You Be a Bee?

Rebecca Felix (author)

Publisher: Amicus Publishing ISBN: 9781607536536

Beginning readers are introduced to verb and noun homophone pairings in this fun reader!

Simple Machines

Jo Ann Early Macken (author)

Publisher: Amicus Publishing ISBN: 9781607533061

Describes how simple machines are used in construction and how they make work easier. Includes experiments.


Emily Dawson (author)

Publisher: Amicus Publishing ISBN: 9781607533023

Describes the scientific concepts of heat, melting, freezing, and boiling using everyday cooking examples. Includes experiments.

Take Care of the Earth Every Day

Tammy Gagne (author)

Publisher: Amicus Publishing ISBN: 9781607535515

Introduces ways to take care of Earth on a daily basis, such as recycling, planting trees, and caring for Earth’s animals.

The Many Kinds of Cold

Dale-Marie Bryan (author)

Publisher: Amicus Publishing ISBN: 9781607535386

Introduces synonyms for cold by detailing fun activities to do in cool, chilly, crisp, and frigid weather.

The Many Kinds of Dirty

Dale-Marie Bryan (author)

Publisher: Amicus Publishing ISBN: 9781607535393

Introduces synonyms for dirty by detailing the messy, sloppy, and filthy animals at the zoo.

The Many Kinds of Hot

Dale-Marie Bryan (author)

Publisher: Amicus Publishing ISBN: 9781607535409

Introduces synonyms for hot by detailing a day at the beach with a blazing sun and scorching hot sand.

The Many Kinds of Small

Dale-Marie Bryan (author)

Publisher: Amicus Publishing ISBN: 9781607535416

Introduces synonyms for small by detailing the sizes of familiar foods, such as baby carrots, miniature marshmallows, and tiny peas in a pod.

The Many Kinds of Clean

Dale-Marie Bryan (author)

Publisher: Amicus Publishing ISBN: 9781607535379

Introduces synonyms for clean by comparing tidy, neat, spotless, and sparkling items in a child’s bedroom.

Telling Time

Bridget Heos (author)

Publisher: Amicus Publishing ISBN: 9781607536765

A young boy learns to tell time on digital and analog clocks as he impatiently waits for a friend to come over to play.

Counting Change

Bridget Heos (author)

Publisher: Amicus Publishing ISBN: 9781607536772

Aiden helps his little brother Mason make change at a yard sale so that he can buy a new video game, which they will then share.

Are You a Ewe?

Rebecca Felix (author)

Publisher: Amicus Publishing ISBN: 9781607536529

Eve and Grace find homophones on a farm, such as the sight of a horse’s braid and the sound of a donkey that brayed.

The New Gnu Knew

Rebecca Felix (author)

Publisher: Amicus Publishing ISBN: 9781607536543

A fun zoo theme introduces young readers to sets of three homophones, such as to, too, and two, and bye, by, and buy.

A Pair of Pears

Rebecca Felix (author)

Publisher: Amicus Publishing ISBN: 9781607536550

A fun counting theme introduces young readers to the concept of homophones.

Rows of Roses

Rebecca Felix (author)

Publisher: Amicus Publishing ISBN: 9781607536567

New readers are introduced to homophones found in nature.

So You Want to Grow a Taco?

Bridget Heos (author)Daniele Fabbri (illustrator)

Publisher: Amicus Publishing ISBN: 9781607539094

A young boy wants to grow his own tacos, learns where the many ingredients come from, and learns how to grow corn and make tortillas. Includes kid-friendly taco recipe.