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PES: La percepción extrasensorial

Marysa Storm (author)

Publisher: Black Rabbit Books ISBN: 9781623105365

Invites readers to investigate stories about ESP through engaging text, vibrant imagery, and clear, simple graphics.

El caso del parque infantil

Andrew Einspruch (author)

Publisher: Teacher Created Materials ISBN: 9781480756335

This fun Spanish-translated e-book takes readers along on the journey of three children, who become crime scene investigators after pieces of their favorite playground equipment begin to disappear. The children collect data and analyze their findings, eventually catching the culprit! This digital book allows readers to connect data analysis and STEM concepts to the real world, keeping them engaged and showing them how useful data analysis can be. With vivid images, easy-to-read informational text, mathematical charts, and text features including a glossary and index, this Spanish-translated title makes data analysis exciting and simple for readers to use in the classroom and on their own!