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Can You Swing Your Arms?

Kim Mitzo Thompson, Karen Mitzo Hilderbrand (author) Iesha Wright (illustrator)

Publisher: Twin Sisters ISBN: 9781645802556

“Can You Swing Your Arms?” is perfect to get kids moving, exercising, and having fun. From swinging their arms around and around, to touching the ground and marching in place, young children will feel energized and happy. This adorable book will reinforce early literacy skills, too!

Let Everyone Clap Hands Like Me

Kim Mitzo Thompson, Karen Mitzo Hilderbrand (authors) Iesha Wright (illustrator)

Publisher: Twin Sisters ISBN: 9781645802525

Repetitive text and adorable photographs will entertain pre-readers and reinforce early literacy skills. Children and parents alike will enjoy reading along as they listen and follow the cute directions over and over again!

Mi Primer Libro

Kim Mitzo Thompson (author) Jackie Binder (illustrator)

Publisher: Twin Sisters ISBN: 9781625813657

Aprender nuevas palabras con este libro adorable que es parte de: “Colección de Mi Primer Libro” con fotografías brillantes. Los estudios demuestran que los a jóvenes estudiantes les resulta más fácil asociar fotografías con objetos de la vida real que con ilustraciones. ¡Este libro será la herramienta de aprendizaje perfecta para su pequeño! Las fotografías que se incluyen son: pato, bola, oso de peluche, camión, bloques, botella y zapatos.

Vamos A Jugar

Kim Mitzo Thompson (author) Jackie Binder (illustrator)

Publisher: Twin Sisters ISBN: 9781625813640

Ayuda al bebé a aprender palabras de la hora de jugar con este libro ilustrado adorablemente. Arte en blanco y negro con toques de color capturaran la atención del bebé con simples ilustraciones que fomentan el aprendizaje. Incluye las siguientes ilustraciones de la diversión: bola, coches, sonaja, oso de peluche, bloques, barco, muñeca, y camiones.

Winter Fun

Kim Mitzo Thompson, Karen Mitzo Hilderbrand (author) Jackie Binder (illustrator)

Publisher: Twin Sisters ISBN: 9781619380844

Help baby learn winter-related words with this adorably-illustrated book. Black and white art and bursts of color will capture baby’s attention with large, simple pictures that encourage learning. Pictures include: mittens, ice-skate, sled, snowman, snowflake, polar bear, penguin, and hot cocoa.

Kid's Halloween Party

Ken Carder (author)

Publisher: Twin Sisters ISBN: 9781599228273

Over 40 crafts and 8 fun crafts to make your Kids Halloween Party unforgettable! Games include: Sock Wrestling, Witchy Wart, Pumpkin Leg Toss, Zombie Tag, Halloween Pumpkin Hunt, Pumpkin Bowling, Pass The Witch's Broom, Monster Statues, Halloween Sticker Stalker, Spider Obstacle Course, Bug Hunt, Spider Web, Belching Contest, Face to Face, Poor Kitty, Ghost Catcher 1, Ghost Catcher 2, Halloween Memory Game, Mummy Maker, Scary Message, Zombies, Ghost Waiter, Mummy Hands, Weaving a Scary Tale, Bat Walk, Liver Toss, Broomstick Relay, Ring the Witch Hat, Halloween Bone Hunt, Who's The Ghost?, The Legend of Herbert Smear, Worms In a Pie, Gross Eating Contest, Soda Roulette, Icky Cobwebs, Lost Eyeball, Monster Soup, What Smells?, Egg Float and Eyeball Relay. Crafts include: Worm Feast, Homemade Boogers, Skeleton Art, Spider T-Shirts, Haunted Soles, Spider Bracelets, Glue Ghosts, and Horrible Hands.