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Rebecca Pettiford (author)

Publisher: Bellwether Media Inc. ISBN: 9781626179394

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Reindeer are migrating masters whose hooves change to tackle the different seasons of their Arctic home! In winter, hard, fur-covered hooves protect their feet from the snow and cold. As the ground thaws, their hooves become soft to make walking much easier. Travel across the northernmost biome and learn about the many adaptations of reindeer in this low-level title.

Giant Galápagos Tortoise

Tammy Gagne (author)

Publisher: ABDO ISBN: 9781680784664

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Giant Galápagos tortoises have roamed the Galápagos Islands for thousands of years, but these creatures almost disappeared from their tropical habitat. Giant Galápagos Tortoise describes the world’s largest tortoise, how sailors and invasive species caused its population to dwindle, and how habitat preservation and captive breeding have helped save the species. Easy-to-read text, vivid images, and helpful back matter give readers a clear look at this subject. Features include a table of contents, infographics, a glossary, additional resources, and an index. Aligned to Common Core Standards and correlated to state standards. Core Library is an imprint of Abdo Publishing, a division of ABDO.

Bird Nests

Heather Adamson (author)

Publisher: Amicus Publishing ISBN: 9781607533177

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Highlights different types of bird nests, showing where they are located and what they are made of. Includes comprehension activity.

Burmese Pythons

Barbara Ciletti (author)

Publisher: Black Rabbit Books ISBN: 9781680720921

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Through dynamic infographics, charts, up-close photos and strong reading level control this title exploress the invasion of Burmese pythons, including where they came from and their impact within biomes and food webs.

Where do insects live?

Molly Aloian (author)

Publisher: Crabtree Publishing Company ISBN: 9781427193629

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Insects, like all living things, need a place to call home. In this fact-filled title, readers will get a close-up look at different insect habitats, including those underground, above ground, and in water. Readers will discover how insects get what they need to survive from their different habitats and how changes to the environment pose a serious risk to insects. The book includes examples of solitary and social insects.

Twisty Tails

Kelly Calhoun (author)

Publisher: Cherry Lake Publishing ISBN: 9781633628083

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Young children are natural problem solvers and always looking for answers, especially when it involves animals. Guess What: Twisty Tails provides young curious readers with striking visual clues and simply written hints. Using the photos and text, readers rely on visual literacy skills, reading, and reasoning as they solve the animal mystery. Clearly written facts give readers a deeper understanding of how the animal lives. Additional text features, including a glossary and an index, help students locate information and learn new words.


Mari Schuh (author)

Publisher: Jump Library ISBN: 9781624960451

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This photo-illustrated book for early readers tells how butterflies find food and briefly explains their life cycle. Includes picture glossary.