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Dave Dawson at Casablanca

Robert Sydney Bowen (author)

Publisher: Xist Publishing ISBN: 9781532422065

Dave Dawson and his friend, Freddy Farmer, have a series of adventures during World War Two. Each Dave Dawson is packed with action, patriotism, and a historical fiction adventure set during WWII, perfect for middle grade and teen readers.

Ayesha: The Return of She

H. Rider Haggard (author)

Publisher: Xist Publishing ISBN: 9781532421778

So they embark on a journey to Asia and Tibet where they meet the wife of an evil emperor, Khania Atene who claims to be the descendant of one of Alexander the Great’s Hellenic generals. The two also find out that Atene has a rival in the mysterious Princess of He, Hesea. Both Atene and Hesea declare their love for Leo.


Anonymous (author)

Publisher: Xist Publishing ISBN: 9781532421815

Epic poetry at its finest, Beowulf is one of the most studied and praised English classic. Originally written over a thousand years ago, the story celebrates Beowulf, a young Swedish nobleman who has battled monsters and dragons to keep his people safe.

An African Millionaire: Episodes in the Life of the Illustrious Colonel Clay

Grant Allen (author)

Publisher: Xist Publishing ISBN: 9781532421587

An ironic adventure tale this is the story of an African millionaire that is burglarized many times.


Jules Verne (author)

Publisher: Xist Publishing ISBN: 9781532421464

A story about courage, freedom and survival. The novel, the second in the Mysterious Island triad, is about the adventures of five prisoners of war who crash on a mysterious island after a daring escape.

Around the World in Eighty Days

Jules Verne (author)

Publisher: Xist Publishing ISBN: 9781532421723

Phileas Fogg attempts to go around the world in 80 days or less after a bet with his friends at the Reform club. He travels via train, elephant, ship and more in this classic adventure.

An Antarctic Mystery

Jules Verne (author)

Publisher: Xist Publishing ISBN: 9781532421600

An adventure tale that follows the adventures of the narrator and his journey from the Kerguelen Islands aboard Halbrane.

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Mark Twain (author)

Publisher: Xist Publishing ISBN: 9781532421488

When Huck Finn fakes his own death and flees his drunken father, he joins forces with a runaway slave and heads for freedom. Twain tells the story of Huckleberry (Huck) Finn and his adventures along the Mississippi River.

A Yankee Flier with the R.A.F.

Rutherford G. Montgomery (author)

Publisher: Xist Publishing ISBN: 9781532421457

Stan Wilson is back in the fight to stop the Nazis and this time he's flying with the R.A.F. - the British Royal Air Force. From thrilling aerial dogfights to on-the-ground sleuthing, this adventure story about World War Two is sure to keep you turning pages.

A Yankee Flier in Italy

Rutherford G. Montgomery (author)

Publisher: Xist Publishing ISBN: 9781532421433

When three young men have the chance to join the US Air Force, they enlist and are sent to Italy during World War Two. From going behind enemy lines, stealing a plane, and eventually besting their Nazi captors, A Yankee Flier Over Italy is a historical adventure story.

A Yankee Flier Over Berlin

Rutherford G. Montgomery (author)

Publisher: Xist Publishing ISBN: 9781532421440

Part of the Yankee Filer series, A Yankee Flier Over Berlin is a history of an American pilot's experience fighting the Luftwaffe in Europe, during World War II. Action packed and filled with examples of bravery, The Yankee Flier Books are a perfect complement to a WWII study unit.

A Honeymoon in Space

George Griffith (author)

Publisher: Xist Publishing ISBN: 9781532421242

The solar system seen through the eyes of the late 19th-century earl has a plan: he wants to kidnap his beloved who is destined to live in an arranged marriage and go with him in his ship, away from Earth into the solar system. If the plan succeeds; what will they encounter on the other life-hospitable planets?

A Princess of Mars

Edgar Rice Burroughs (author)

Publisher: Xist Publishing ISBN: 9781532421327

A Princess of Mars is a space western with heart and is a classic example of early 20th century pulp fiction. Follow John Carter as he mysteriously is transported to Mars and earns the respect and love of the planet's strange inhabitants.

A Thief in the Night

E. W. Hornung (author)

Publisher: Xist Publishing ISBN: 9781532421396

Raffles the thief strikes again. These latest adventures of Raffles, a gentleman thief who can't help himself from stealing valuable jewelry and his chronicler, Bunny Manders.

Ever After

Olivia Vieweg (author, illustrator)

Publisher: Lerner Publishing Group ISBN: 9781541599499

Vivi and Eva are two travelers in a countryside filled with the undead. After a train breaks down, stranding them between safe zones, the young women partner up to stay alive. Vivi is struggling with grief—and guilt—over the loss of her sister. Eva is hiding the start of a horrifying transformation. Together they'll face heat, zombie hordes, and their own inner demons, searching for signs of life in a land of the dead. This graphic novel addition to an enduring genre is thoughtful and emotion-driven, but also full of zombie scares and action.

Off Course

K. R. Coleman (author)

Publisher: Lerner Publishing Group ISBN: 9781541557048

When their road trips takes a turn for disaster, these teens must rely on their instincts to survive. Nora and her twin sister Livi are road tripping down the Pacific coast—Livi to interview at her dream school, Nora to finish her film school application. When Nora learns her favorite director may be shooting a monster movie nearby, she takes them more than a little off course. After an accident leaves their car in a river, can a group of friendly vampires help them survive?

Spinning Out

R. T. Martin (author)

Publisher: Lerner Publishing Group ISBN: 9781541557017

When their road trips takes a turn for disaster, these teens must rely on their instincts to survive. CJ and Leo can't wait to spend their winter break skiing and snowboarding with their friends Alex and Katrina. But things aren't going quite as planned, as Alex and Katrina won't stop fighting about their college plans. And then the blizzard hits while they're driving up the mountain. Will they all be able to put aside their arguing in order to make it to safety?

Heat Wave

Elizabeth Neal (author)

Publisher: Lerner Publishing Group ISBN: 9781541557031

When their road trips takes a turn for disaster, these teens must rely on their instincts to survive. Marissa's favorite singer is coming to a nearby music festival, and Marissa can't wait to rock out with her friends Ben and T. Sure, some things might go wrong, but there's nothing a few road burritos can't fix. It's not until a blown tire strands them in the desert that Marissa realizes their weekend isn't the only thing in danger—their lives might be too.


Jannette LaRoche (author)

Publisher: Lerner Publishing Group ISBN: 9781541557024

When their road trips takes a turn for disaster, these teens must rely on their instincts to survive. Kevin and Jesse have different ideas of how to spend their weekend at Jesse's cabin. Kevin wants to hike and camp, while all Jesse wants to do is pig out and play video games. But after a car accident leaves them stranded, holding onto their differences may put them in danger. Will these friends be able to band together to survive?

The War of the Worlds

H.G. Wells (author)

Publisher: Saddleback Educational Publishing ISBN: 9781602918344

Victorian England is riding high. People are so prosperous and smug they imagine themselves the masters of the universe. Then the unthinkable happens: England is attacked by Martians! Panic erupts as the countryside goes up in flames. Is there no way to stop the ghastly, machinelike creatures and their deadly heat rays?

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Jules Verne (author)

Publisher: Saddleback Educational Publishing ISBN: 9781602918337

Searching for a sea monster, a scientist discovers an amazing underwater vessel. At first he's thrilled to be invited aboard the Nautilus. What changes his mind? He discovers that the mad captain plans to stay at sea forever.

The Three Musketeers

Alexandre Dumas (author)

Publisher: Saddleback Educational Publishing ISBN: 9781602918306

The young man has only one dream-- join the brave company of the king's musketeers. Will he be clever and daring enough to make his dream come true? He rides into Paris on his old, broken-down horse. A world of adventure is just ahead.

The Swiss Family Robinson

John David Wyss (author)

Publisher: Saddleback Educational Publishing ISBN: 9781602918283

Just one family survives the shipwreck. Now the father, mother, and their four young sons find themselves stranded on a remote island. What will it take to stay alive? The odds are against them. But the clever, hard-working Robinsons have what it takes to face the ultimate test.

Moby Dick

Herman Melville (author)

Publisher: Saddleback Educational Publishing ISBN: 9781602918214

A bored school teacher seeks adventure as a whale hunter. He has no idea that the mad captain of the Pequod is interested in pursuing only one whale- the enormous white beast that bit off his leg! Now it's too late to turn back. Will Ahab's insane quest for revenge cost the entire crew their lives?

White Fang

Jack London (author)

Publisher: Saddleback Educational Publishing ISBN: 9781602918351

Life is a constant struggle in the frozen wilderness of Alaska. For a wolf-dog called White Fang, every day is a fight for survival-- until he's taken in by a young American mining engineer. White Fang's world turns upside down when his new owner takes him home to California. How does he react? Is it likely that a wild wolf-dog can adjust to civilization?