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The Littlest One (Ukrainian)

Halya Kruk (author), Manana Morchiladze (illustrator)

Publisher: International Step by Step Association ISBN: 9781931854351

It is very difficult to be the youngest, littlest one in the family. Yurchyk's sister and brother are too old to play with him now; they prefer to do other things. And his parents are too busy. His companion is just a puppy, a little dog named Klapovukh. Yurchyk's father says that being big isn't just about growing taller but about doing big things! It takes courage to do big things: Is little Yurchyk brave enough?

To Have a Dog (Ukrainian)

Ivona Brezinova (author), Zaur Deisadze (illustrator)

Publisher: International Step by Step Association ISBN: 9781601950253

Matthew wanted only one thing on Earth: a dog. He lived in a children's home, and they weren't allowed to have a real dog. The toy dog he got for Christmas was broken; the other animals he tried out as pets didn't live up to his expectations. He never ever thought about wanting a Mother or a Father - but one day, when a couple comes to adopt him - he decides to keep an open mind... Одного разу Метью захотів одну річ на Землі: собаку. Він жив у дитячому будинку, і їм не дозволяли мати справжніх собак. Іграшковий песик, якого він отримав на Різдво, поломався; інші тваринки, яких він заводив, не виправдовували його очікувань. Він ніколи навіть не думав, щоб мати маму і тата - але одного дня, коли подружжя приходить, щоб усиновити його - він вирішує бути насторожі...