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Julie K. Lundgren

Publisher: Rourke Publishing ISBN: 9781606943687

Learn to hunt safely and what guidelines and preparations hunters follow.


Julie K. Lundgren

Publisher: Rourke Publishing ISBN: 9781606943670

An up-close look at why so many enjoy camping and the types of equipment needed for a fun and safe trip.

Race Car Crew Chief

Susan Koehler

Publisher: Rourke Publishing ISBN: 1606945580

Too young to drive? Then be a race car crew chief in this graphic high interest book.


Tim Clifford

Publisher: Rourke Publishing ISBN: 9781606943731

Experience the dangers mountain climbing in the graphic high interest book.

Salt Flat Racers

Denny Von Finn

Publisher: Bellwether Media Inc. ISBN: 9781600143342

The fastest salt flat racers can reach speeds over 750 miles per hour! Students will learn about the salt flats, the history of salt flat racing, and the technology behind some of the fastest land vehicles on Earth.

Mini Bikes

Thomas Streissguth

Publisher: Bellwether Media Inc. ISBN: 9781612114323

Most kids dream of riding a full-sized motorcycle. Mini bikes make it possible for kids to enjoy a safe, motorized experience. Young learners will explore the different types of mini bikes and how they are raced in competitions.

Roller Coasters

Denny Von Finn

Publisher: Bellwether Media Inc. ISBN: 9781612114538

Roller coasters offer riders high speeds and thrilling drops! The fastest roller coasters can reach speeds over 100 miles per hour! Eager students will plunge into learning about how roller coasters offer fast, sky-high thrills.

Drag Racing

Nicki Clausen-Grace

Publisher: Rourke Publishing ISBN: 9781604728095

Describes drag racing and why it is only legal in a closed track. Provides information about the history of the sport, characteristics of the vehicles, important events, and famous drivers.

STEM Jobs with Cars

Jane Katirgis (author)

Publisher: Rourke Publishing ISBN: 9781627179386

This book discusses different STEM jobs found in the automobile industry, from accident reconstruction engineer to NASCAR engineer.