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Stephen Hawking: Celebrated Physicist

Matt Doeden (author)

Publisher: Lerner Books ISBN: 9781728400341

Stephen Hawking is one of the world's most celebrated and inspiring physicists, known for his theories on relativity, black holes, and quantum mechanics. He wrote the bestseller A Brief History of Time to explain a range of cosmology topics to the general public.

Eye by Eye: Comparing How Animals See

Sara Levine (author) T.S Spookytooth (illustrator)

Publisher: Lerner Books ISBN: 9781728401461

An innovative look at animal eyes from the creators of Bone by Bone, Tooth by Tooth, and Fossil by Fossil. What kind of animal would you be if you had eight eyes? Or if your pupils were the shape of the letter W? Keep an eye out for weird and surprising facts in this playful picture book, which brings together comparative anatomy with a guessing game format. See how your animal eyes are like—and unlike—those of starfish, spiders, goats, cuttlefish, owls, and slugs.

Albert Einstein: Relativity Rock Star

Matt Doeden (author)

Publisher: Lerner Books ISBN: 9781541583030

Albert Einstein rewrote the rules of physics and changed how scientists see space and time forever. Learn how a boy who struggled in school became one of history's most renowned scientists.

20-Minute (Or Less) Filter Hacks

Sheela Preuitt (author)

Publisher: Lerner Books ISBN: 9781728401430

Create a filter, dress up a photo, share it with your friends! Beginning coders learn solid skills while they build their own filters. Page Plus links to hands-on coding activities are included. These project-based titles are created in partnership with Vidcode, a rigorous and creative online coding platform designed for grades 4 and up that appeals as strongly to girls as to boys.

The Future of Communication

Jun Kuromiya (author)

Publisher: Lerner Books ISBN: 9781728400808

New technologies such as augmented reality, brain-computer interfaces, and lifelike robots will change the way humans interact with one another and their environment. Discover the ways people will communicate in the future.

The Future of Food

Kevin Kurtz (author)

Publisher: Lerner Books ISBN: 9781728400822

As Earth's human population grows, scientists and farmers must find new ways to create more food with less space. Learn about the challenges farmers face, how the meat industry may change, and more about the future of food.

The Future of Transportation

Jun Kuromiya (author)

Publisher: Lerner Books ISBN: 9781728400846

The fossil fuels powering cars, trains, and planes are harming the environment, but scientists are creating innovative and clean transportation solutions. Explore the future of transportation from self-flying drones to levitating trains.

Bot Battles

Lola Schaefer (author)

Publisher: Lerner Books ISBN: 9781728400419

Which robot is fastest, smartest, or strongest? In robot competitions, the best bots battle it out. See how robots compete to solve puzzles, win races, and crush their opponents in robot smackdowns. These robots and their teams of engineers are fighting to win!

The Future of Entertainment

Jun Kuromiya (author)

Publisher: Lerner Books ISBN: 9781728400815

Explore the future of fun! With virtual reality, augmented reality, holograms, and even digital smells, technology is already changing the world of entertainment. What other innovations will emerge to help people have fun?

Cutting-Edge Medicine

Buffy Silverman (author)

Publisher: Lerner Books ISBN: 9781541583443

Will we one day be able to regrow limbs? 3-D print custom dentures? Wear a contact lens to monitor our health? It sounds like science fiction, but advances like these are driving real medical research. Dive into the fascinating, fast-changing world of medical breakthroughs.

Great Medicine Fails

Barbara Krasner (author)

Publisher: Lerner Books ISBN: 9781541583382

Explore some of history's biggest failures in medicine—from bloodletting to early remedies—and how some of those failures eventually led to success.

Cutting-Edge Military Tech

Matt Doeden (author)

Publisher: Lerner Books ISBN: 9781541583450

Self-steering bullets, drone swarms, and super-soldiers are at the front lines of tomorrow's military. Discover how these breakthroughs and more will help the next generation of US soldiers spy, fly, and fight. Take a jaw-dropping look at the future of military tech.

Space Vehicles in Action

Rebecca E. Hirsch (author)

Publisher: Lerner Books ISBN: 9781541583528

Explore outer space through interactive augmented reality experiences! Landers, rockets, and capsules carry people and cargo to and from space. Modern space vehicles can go farther and explore more than ever before. Learn all about them in a space adventure enhanced with augmented reality.

The Future of Medicine

Kevin Kurtz (author)

Publisher: Lerner Books ISBN: 9781728400839

Doctors and scientists work hard to find ways to keep people healthy. Discover the innovations in medical technology that will help them in the future, from watches that track your body's processes to gene editing.

Guts: A Stomach-Turning Augmented Reality Experience

Percy Leed (author)

Publisher: Lerner Books ISBN: 9781728401317

Explore how your body works through interactive augmented reality experiences! Oozing stomach acid. Booming belches. Stinky farts. These revolting reactions happen during the digestion of food. Once you’ve chewed up and swallowed a meal, your body turns it into energy, water...and poop. Find out about all the nasty things that happen deep inside your belly—and learn why they sound, smell, and feel the way they do. Through close-up pictures, interactive augmented reality experiences, and lots of disgusting facts, you’ll learn all about the gross science behind your body’s functions.

Great Technology Fails

Barbara Krasner (author)

Publisher: Lerner Books ISBN: 9781541583412

Technology is constantly changing the world we live in. But new tech doesn't always catch on right away, or even work like it's supposed to. In fact, the history of technology is filled with failures and mistakes—from computer bugs to an early version of the video phone. Discover how even successful tech companies, like Apple and Google, made major missteps along the way and learned from their mistakes.

Mysteries of Stars

Margaret J. Goldstein (author)

Publisher: Lerner Books ISBN: 9781728400891

Stars decorate our sky every night, but we're still learning things about how they form and what they're made of. Dive into the many mysteries surrounding stars that scientists are investigating!

Great Invention Fails

Barbara Krasner (author)

Publisher: Lerner Books ISBN: 9781541583375

Without inventors, we wouldn't have cars, airplanes, or light bulbs. Inventors build devices that make our lives better. But not all inventions succeed. In fact, the history of inventions is filled with missteps and blunders. Learn about the biggest goofs—from flying cars to Smell-O-Vision. Discover how invention mistakes have also led to brand-new products, such as bubble wrap and sticky notes.

Mysteries of the Moon

Rebecca E. Hirsch (author)

Publisher: Lerner Books ISBN: 9781728400907

There are many mysteries surrounding the moon. Where did it come from? And what could be hiding on its dark side? Take a look at the research scientists are doing to learn about the Earth's moon.

Mysteries of Mars

Rebecca E. Hirsch (author)

Publisher: Lerner Books ISBN: 9781728400884

Could there be life on Mars? Scientists are trying to answer this and many other questions about our next-door planetary neighbor. Introduce young readers to the fascinating scientific mysteries surrounding Mars.

Great Science Fails

Barbara Krasner (author)

Publisher: Lerner Books ISBN: 9781541583399

Science is all about the pursuit of knowledge. But sometimes that pursuit leads scientists down the wrong path, and things can go spectacularly wrong! Learn about some of the biggest fails in the history of science, from scientists accidentally poisoning themselves to accidentally poisoning the environment. Nuclear meltdowns, a space telescope that didn't work, and fake science all help illustrate how scientists sometimes fail and how they learn from their missteps.

Planets in Action

Rebecca E. Hirsch (author)

Publisher: Lerner Books ISBN: 9781541583481

Explore outer space through interactive augmented reality experiences! Did you know that more than forty spacecraft have explored Venus? Or that some astronomers think an unknown planet might be awaiting discovery beyond Pluto? Find out the latest discoveries in planetary science with augmented reality that brings space alive.

Comets and Asteroids in Action

Kevin Kurtz (author)

Publisher: Lerner Books ISBN: 9781541583474

Explore outer space through interactive augmented reality experiences! Billions of comets and asteroids orbit the sun. Most travel through space far from Earth, but when the planet crosses paths with an asteroid, the results can be beautiful, destructive, and long-lasting. Learn about the latest discoveries in comet and asteroid science in an augmented reality adventure that gives readers a close-up look at space.

Stars and Galaxies in Action

Rebecca E. Hirsch (author)

Publisher: Lerner Books ISBN: 9781541583535

Stars are unimaginably massive and hot, and galaxies have billions of them. Stars are born in enormous clouds of dust and gas and often die in violent explosions that cause space itself to ripple. Discover the secrets of galaxies and stars with the help of augmented reality.

The Future of Cities

Kevin Kurtz (author)

Publisher: Lerner Books ISBN: 9781728400792

With Earth's population growing and water levels rising, city engineers will have to fit more people on less land. Learn about rooftop farms, floating cities, and other technologies that may help us adapt.