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Serpiente busca comida

Karen Hoenecke (author) Paul Drzewiecki (illustrator)

Publisher: Kaeden Books ISBN: 9781641321532

Will Snake find something tasty to sate his hunger? Simple text introduces readers to dialogue.

La casa para sapos de Jake

Barbara Kanninen (author) Lisa Fields (illustrator)

Publisher: Kaeden Books ISBN: 9781641321426

Jake and his friends use what they know about toads to make the perfect toad house.

Esperando a una rana

Glenn Coats (author) Gloria Gedeon (illustrator)

Publisher: Kaeden Books ISBN: 9781641321372

A young boy notices the life in the forest as he waits for one special creature. Readers will enjoy predicting the final animal to make an appearance.

¿Puede un hipopótamo brincar?

Louise Vitellaro Tidd (author) Kevin Brown (illustrator)

Publisher: Kaeden Books ISBN: 9781641321075

Silly illustrations and rhyming phrases depict the various ways animals can move.

El comedero para pájaros

Mia Coulton (author)

Publisher: Kaeden Books ISBN: 9781641320184

How many birds can you find? Practice counting and colors with rich photos of birds.

El diente flojo del alce

Nancy Louise Spinelle (author) Gloria Gedeon (illustrator)

Publisher: Kaeden Books ISBN: 9781641320238

Everyone has a suggestion for poor Moose. Will he ever lose his loose tooth?