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Masters of Math

Rob Colson (author)

Publisher: Crabtree Publishing Company ISBN: 9781427122346

Experiments and research challenges help reinforce mathematical concepts in this fascinating book about great math thinkers in history and their discoveries. Readers will enjoy reading the stories behind each breakthrough in math as well as the mini bios of the math "STEM-gineers" who solved them.

What Are Goods and Services?

Carolyn Andrews (author)

Publisher: Crabtree Publishing Company ISBN: 9780778789680

Children are consumers, too, though they often do not realize it. This strikingly illustrated book helps youngsters understand the concepts of goods and services so that they recognize their role in the cycle of commerce. Readers will examine various jobs to understand where goods are made or services are provided. The concepts of producers and consumers are also carefully explained in a manner children will understand and enjoy.

What is Trade?

Carolyn Andrews (author)

Publisher: Crabtree Publishing Company ISBN: 9780778789710

This book carefully explains how countries around the world engage in trade. Whether it is a detailed description of how countries negotiate trade agreements, how countries use tariffs to make buyers want to buy locally produced goods, or the extremes of using trade embargoes as political tools, this book provides essential information with plenty of full-color images to help explain the basics of trade in a global economy.