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Horror Hospitals

Rachel Rose (author)

Publisher: Bearport Publishing ISBN: 9781647471811

Hospital visiting hours are over, but not all visitors can leave. Read four spooky tales about hospitals.

Horror in Colorado

Spencer Brinker (author)

Publisher: Bearport Publishing ISBN: 9781647470814

Colorado is known for the tall peaks of its beautiful mountains. But is there something else lurking there? From ghosts in haunted hotels, to glowing orbs in cemeteries, there is more to Colorado than meets the eye. Get ready to read four spooky stories about Colorado.

Horror in Connecticut

Alex Giannini (author)

Publisher: Bearport Publishing ISBN: 9781647470821

It may boast the oldest public library and longest-running spaper, but Connecticut isn't free from scares, too. Take a trip through haunted graveyards, spooky houses, and even an occult museum. Read four terrifying tales about Connecticut . . . if you dare.

Horror in Louisiana

Joyce Markovics (author)

Publisher: Bearport Publishing ISBN: 9781647470838

Louisiana is one spooky state. Shadowy figures appear in the middle of dark nights, a cursed tree stands tall despite every attempt to chop it down, and even guests at restaurants aren't safe from a good haunting. Explore four terrifying tales about this haunted state.

Horror in Maine

Thomas Persano (author)

Publisher: Bearport Publishing ISBN: 9781647470845

Wild forests and rocky coasts are nothing compared to spirits and aliens. But in Maine, you just might see it all. Be warned--you might not always like what you find. Discover four frightening tales about Maine.

Frightening Farms

Rachel Rose (author)

Publisher: Bearport Publishing ISBN: 9781647471798

Some farms house more than chickens. Read four spooky tales about frightening farmhouses.

Ghost Prisoners

Leah Kaminski (author) Candy Briones (illustrator)

Publisher: Bearport Publishing ISBN: 9781647470265

Many criminals have been imprisoned at Alcatraz. But what else is locked up there? Do the ghosts and spirits of many former prisoners haunted the cells and hallways? Read this spooky book to find out.

The Gateway Arch

Joanne Mattern (author)

Publisher: Red Chair Press LLC ISBN: 9781634402286

This magnificent arch rises on the banks of the Mississippi River in St. Louis, Missouri. The nation’s tallest monument is the centerpiece of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, honoring Thomas Jefferson’s vision of westward expansion. Mired in controversy in the beginning, this amazing structure is now a national treasure and symbol of the nation’s reach from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial

Joanne Mattern (author)

Publisher: Red Chair Press LLC ISBN: 9781634402279

History recognizes the leadership and voice Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. brought to the civil rights movement in 1960s America. A 30-foot tall statue of Dr. King gazes into the future full of hope for all humanity. His words of peace are carved in the walls of the monument as a reminder to all Americans of the power of peaceful protest. Learn all about the first national memorial to an African American.

Mount Rushmore

Joanne Mattern (author)

Publisher: Red Chair Press LLC ISBN: 9781634402262

More than just a random display of U.S. Presidents, this imposing monument honors leaders who led America’s founding, expansion, preservation, and unification. Discover the unusual story of how these faces of history ended up on a mountainside in South Dakota’s Black Hills.

The Liberty Bell

Joanne Mattern (author)

Publisher: Red Chair Press LLC ISBN: 9781634402255

From the British surrender in Yorktown to the Civil War to Woman Suffrage and the fight for Civil Rights, one powerful witness to American history played an important role. Discover the reasons why the old cracked bell in Philadelphia is still one of our nation’s most-loved symbols.

The Statue of Liberty

Joanne Mattern (author)

Publisher: Red Chair Press LLC ISBN: 9781634402248

She was a gift of friendship and peace between France and the United States. “Liberty Enlightening the World” stands now as a symbol of America’s embrace of freedom and democracy. Find out why 4 million visitors each year come to see this majestic statue in New York’s harbor.

Fort McHenry

Joanne Mattern (author)

Publisher: Red Chair Press LLC ISBN: 9781634402231

A rocky outpost near Baltimore played a bigger role in the history of the United States than anyone imagined it ever would. After America gained its freedom in 1776, the British were determined not to allow the new nation to trade with its enemy France. Discover the unique role Fort McHenry played during the War of 1812.

Ellis Island

Joanne Mattern (author)

Publisher: Red Chair Press LLC ISBN: 9781634402224

For millions of people, leaving home and coming to America meant giving up family and all things familiar. For more than sixty years, one site was the first place in America all new immigrants saw. Find out why Ellis Island holds such an important place in America’s history.

The Grand Canyon

Joanne Mattern (author)

Publisher: Red Chair Press LLC ISBN: 9781634402217

One of the most visited places in North America, Grand Canyon National Park is like an open window to Earth’s geologic history. The carving of the canyon’s walls by erosion left a cross-section of the Earth’s crust from millions and millions of years ago. See for yourself how grand and beautiful this gorgeous gorge really is.


Joanne Mattern (author)

Publisher: Red Chair Press LLC ISBN: 9781634402200

As the flagship of the National Park Service, Yellowstone National Park has a special place in the hearts and minds of conservationists. It’s all thanks to the leadership of far-sighted President Ulysses S. Grant and adventurer President Theodore Roosevelt. Today we can enjoy nature as it was in the early days of our nation.

Historic Williamsburg

Joanne Mattern (author)

Publisher: Red Chair Press LLC ISBN: 9781634402194

In the 1770s before the United States was a nation, most people lived on farms. But Williamsburg in Virginia Colony was a busy town with wide streets, grand public buildings, bustling shops, and a large Market Square. Home to 2,000 people from wealthy gentry and middle class shopkeepers to poor slaves. Find out how Williamsburg today gives us a fascinating window into America’s past.

Zoos and Animal Parks

Joanne Mattern (author)

Publisher: Red Chair Press LLC ISBN: 9781634403917

Where can you go to see lions, and tigers, and bears? You can go to the zoo! A trip to the zoo can be very exciting. A trip to the zoo is also a great way to learn about animal habitats in faraway places.


Joanne Mattern (author)

Publisher: Red Chair Press LLC ISBN: 9781634403900

Do you like to collect things? Many people do. Some people collect art. Others collect objects from history. Some people collect cars or toys. You can collect just about anything! There are almost as many museums as there are things to collect. Take a trip back in time and learn more about these amazing places.

Playgrounds and Adventure Parks

Joanne Mattern (author)

Publisher: Red Chair Press LLC ISBN: 9781634403894

When you hear the word "playground," what do you think of? Do you picture slides and swings? Do you think of climbing walls and tunnels? Or do you picture pirate ships and space to run? Over the years, playgrounds have changed in many ways. But they have always been a place where children can enjoy themselves and learn important lessons about safety and getting along with others. Discover how playgrounds came to be and how they have changed over the years.

Amusement Parks and Water Parks

Joanne Mattern (author)

Publisher: Red Chair Press LLC ISBN: 9781634403887

Today's amusement parks are filled with amazing, high-tech rides. Some even take the fun to the water! Amusement parks of the past were exciting places as well. Amusement parks have been around for hundreds of years. Readers discover the history of these fun-filled places!

The Great Wall of China

Elizabeth Noll (author)

Publisher: Bellwether Media Inc. ISBN: 9781681037318

The Great Wall of China spans more than 10,000 miles! It was built over many centuries, and it remains one of the world’s most famous landmarks today. This title for young readers explores the Great Wall’s original purpose, how it was built, and how it’s used today. Leveled text and fascinating photos bring the structure to life, while a map, a timeline, a comparison graphic, and a pop culture connection offer additional information about each structure.

The Colosseum

Elizabeth Noll (author)

Publisher: Bellwether Media Inc. ISBN: 9781681037301

From mock naval battles to gruesome gladiator fights, the Colosseum has hosted some of the world’s most shocking showdowns. But why was this ancient amphitheater built, and how did it survive 2,000 years? What is it used for today? This title explores the answers to these questions and more through fact-filled text and fascinating photos that bring readers up close with ancient Rome. Special features include a map, a timeline, a comparison graphic, a pop culture connection, and more!

The Taj Mahal

Sara Green (author)

Publisher: Bellwether Media Inc. ISBN: 9781681037349

Agra, India, is home to one of the most famous monuments in the world. The Taj Mahal rises 240 feet over the city, its white marble dome visible from miles around! This title for young readers explores the history of the famous building, from how and why it was built to what it’s used for today. Leveled text and beautiful photos highlight the main points of the historic monument, and special features such as a map, a timeline, a comparison graphic, and a pop culture connect further showcase why the Taj Mahal is a wonder of the modern world!

South Africa

Alicia Z. Klepeis (author)

Publisher: Bellwether Media Inc. ISBN: 9781681037219

Pack your bags—it’s time for a trip to South Africa! This nation, the southernmost on the African continent, is full of beautiful landscapes, fun activities, and interesting traditions. In this title, readers will see it all! Leveled text supported by engaging photos introduce all that South Africa has to offer. Added features introduce landmarks, wildlife, a famous person profile, a recipe, and more. This fun title shows readers just why this nation shines!