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Transportation in Different Places

Adrianna Morganelli (author)

Publisher: Crabtree Publishing Company ISBN: 9781427116499

From rickshaws and rowboats to camels and cargo ships, this dynamic title looks at the different ways people and things move from place to place. Readers will learn how climate and environment affect transportation around the world.

Homes in Different Places

Cynthia O'Brien (author)

Publisher: Crabtree Publishing Company ISBN: 9781427116475

People in communities around the world live in homes suited to their environment and natural resources. From homes made of mud and straw to homes built on stilts, readers will discover that all homes serve the same purpose - to meet our basic need for shelter.

Clothing in Different Places

Adrianna Morganelli (author)

Publisher: Crabtree Publishing Company ISBN: 9781427116451

From simple coverings in hot, dry places to thick layers that keep out the cold, this colorful book shows young readers how people dress in different parts of the world. From traditional clothing worn during times of celebration to clothing suited to different environments and weather, this fascinating book teaches readers about different types of clothing and what purpose they serve.

Schools in Different Places

Lauren McNiven (author)

Publisher: Crabtree Publishing Company ISBN: 9781427116482

From the transportation used to get to and from school to the subjects studied during class, this book looks at the diversity of schools around the world. Well-crafted text and vibrant photographs introduce readers to the different ways children learn, share ideas, and grow. This inviting new title will surely earn top marks with young readers!

Birthdays in Different Places

Lauren McNiven, Crystal Sikkens (author)

Publisher: Crabtree Publishing Company ISBN: 9781427116468

Everybody has a birthday, but not everyone celebrates it in the same way! In fact, there are many different birthday customs and traditions around the world. In this joyful book, readers will learn about Name Day celebrations in Greece, different coming-of-age traditions, and more.

Foods in Different Places

Linda Barghoorn (author)

Publisher: Crabtree Publishing Company ISBN: 9781427116444

From crops, which are farmed, to seafood, which is caught, this informative book describes the kinds of foods people eat most in different parts of the world. Readers will learn that geography and climate play a large role in the kinds of foods people eat in different countries. Topics include how people eat, where people buy and sell foods, and the role children play in preparing food.

Cultural Traditions in Jamaica

Lynn Peppas (author)

Publisher: Crabtree Publishing Company ISBN: 9781427199553

This interesting title describes the festivals and holidays celebrated in the island nation of Jamaica. Traditional foods, reggae music, and festivals such as Carnival reflect the colorful culture of Jamaica. Young readers will also discover that many other cultures have influenced Jamaican traditions.

Cultural Traditions in Germany

Lynn Peppas (author)

Publisher: Crabtree Publishing Company ISBN: 9781427199539

From the Oktoberfest folk festival to Christmas markets, Germany has many unique traditions celebrated with traditional foods, rituals, and music. This exciting title follows a year of holidays and festivals that honor religious, historic, and family traditions celebrated by Germans.

Cultural Traditions in Iran

Lynn Peppas (author)

Publisher: Crabtree Publishing Company ISBN: 9781427199546

Iran is a country of many ancient and modern cultural traditions. This fascinating book describes the ways in which Iranians celebrate holidays with religious festivals, foods, and customs. The majority or Iran’s people are Muslim and many of their holidays are rooted in the religion of Islam. Young readers will also discover how the people of Iran celebrate family occasions.

Cultural Traditions in Kenya

Kylie Burns (author)

Publisher: Crabtree Publishing Company ISBN: 9781427199560

This engaging book celebrates a year of holidays and traditions representing Kenya’s many cultural groups. Readers will learn about the strong tradition of song and dance in Kenya and also how family occasions are celebrated in this African country.

Cultural Traditions in Sweden

Natalie Hyde (author)

Publisher: Crabtree Publishing Company ISBN: 9781427199577

Young readers will learn about the many public holidays and cultural festivals celebrated in the Scandinavian country of Sweden. Fun facts highlight the unique festivals of the ancient Sami people, how the Swedish royal family is honored, what traditional foods are eaten, and how families celebrate special occasions.

Cultural Traditions in Egypt

Lynn Peppas (author)

Publisher: Crabtree Publishing Company ISBN: 9781427190956

Egypt's culture is a fascinating mixture of ancient traditions passed down by the native peoples, as well as the traditions and cultures of countries such as England and Greece, who ruled Egypt in different periods of history. This interesting book describes how ancient traditions, beliefs, and rituals combined with modern influences into the festivals celebrated today. Young readers will also learn how the Egyptian people celebrate family occasions.

My School

Kirsty Holmes (author)

Publisher: Crabtree Publishing Company ISBN: 9781427122193

Children will love this inviting introduction to school. Key topics such as first day, teachers, and school rules are accompanied by warm, relatable images.

What Does an Engineer Do?

Robin Johnson (author)

Publisher: Crabtree Publishing Company ISBN: 9781427122643

Read about the kinds of jobs that people do as engineers, and how they use math, science, and creative thinking to solve problems.

Creating Comics

Robin Johnson (author)

Publisher: Crabtree Publishing Company ISBN: 9781427124616

Do you have a favorite comic-strip character? Read about how art combines with a story or joke to create a comic strip, as well as what steps artists follow to make a comic.

Molly's New Shoes

Patty Haley (author) Elaine Nicholas (illustrator)

Publisher: Kaeden Books ISBN: 9781641324144

As Molly tries on shoes, she imagines herself in various activities. Will she find the perfect pair of shoes?

The Marching Band

Kathleen Urmston (author)

Publisher: Kaeden Books ISBN: 9781641324113

Introduce words that name the instruments in the band within an easy-to-read patterned text.

Going to Grandpa's House

Marilyn K. Frankford (author)

Publisher: Kaeden Books ISBN: 9781641323680

A young boy packs the most important items for a sleepover at Grandpa's house.

Firefighter Fred's Bad Day

Patty Haley (author) Karactaz (illustrator)

Publisher: Kaeden Books ISBN: 9781641323567

Firefighter Fred is getting ready for work - but what is he forgetting?


Ellen Javernick (author)

Publisher: Kaeden Books ISBN: 9781641323550

Join the celebration and explore the culture of Mexico.

Baseball Fun

Diana Geddes (author) Kate Salley Palmer (illustrator)

Publisher: Kaeden Books ISBN: 9781641323185

Spend a day at the ballpark and enjoy the sounds, smells and tastes of a baseball game.


Wendy Benger (author)

Publisher: Kaeden Books ISBN: 9781641323321

Mr. Brown's class makes a list of all the jobs their parents have in their community.

Boots and Shoes

Ann Cooper (author)

Publisher: Kaeden Books ISBN: 9781641323239

What can you do in your shoes? Readers explore the kinds of footwear needed for a variety of activities.

At the Zoo

Carol Kloes (author)

Publisher: Kaeden Books ISBN: 9781641323154

Engaging photos take readers on a fun virtual field trip.

Discover India

Victoria Marcos (author)

Publisher: Xist Publishing ISBN: 9781623957070

Want to see the beautiful and exotic animals of India? This level two reader features beautiful photographs and easy-to-read information about animals like the cobra, Bengal tiger, and more. Discover Reading titles feature short sentences, word lists, and questions at the end of each book to further the learning process.