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Las estaciones

Nancy Louise Spinelle (author)

Publisher: Kaeden Books ISBN: 9781611811834

This book displays the main characteristics of each of the four seasons in a concise, yet imagery filled way.

Las flores

Karen Hoenecke (author)

Publisher: Kaeden Books ISBN: 9781611814033

Using simple repetitive text, this book is perfect for a science lesson on flowers.

Las hojas

Karen Hoenecke (author)

Publisher: Kaeden Books ISBN: 9781611813975

Great for early fall when the leaves are turning colors.

Que tiene ruedas?

Karen Hoenecke (author)

Publisher: Kaeden Books ISBN: 9781611814057

A tour of the town introduces a variety of vehicles.

Inventos en la industria de los alimentos (Inventions in the Food Industry)

Debra J. Housel (author)

Publisher: Teacher Created Materials ISBN: 9780743900461

Come and get it! This book compares the different ways food is grown, harvested, and stored throughout history as well as the properties of growing and selling food. Take this mouth-watering journey packed with vocabulary related to food preparation and distribution.