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Planting Vegetables

Rebecca Gauthier (author), Nicholas Jackson (illustrator)

Publisher: Snap! Learning ISBN: 9781620468760

Vegetables are good for you, and that's what a reader learns from this story with simple predictable text and lively illustrations.

California Geology

Marilyn Baker (author), Melinda Beavers (illustrator)

Publisher: Snap! Learning ISBN: 9781620461846

The first half of this book explains plate tectonics in expository text while the second half is narrated by a fictional tour guide and geology professor. Readers use photographs, maps, charts, and diagrams to interpret information in the book.

Upheaval at Home

Samaire Wynne (author), Sou Saetern (illustrator)

Publisher: Snap! Learning ISBN: 9781620461815

This book describes natural disasters and habitat loss using two points of view: an author's informational text and a persuasive brochure from a disaster relief organization. Vivid photographs hold readers' interest as readers identify and evaluate the author's purpose.


Michael Contreras (author), Rae Mendiola (illustrator)

Publisher: Snap! Learning ISBN: 9781620461808

Graphic features are prominent in this book so readers can interpret maps and other weather graphics. The first half of the book describes atmospheric forces that affect weather while the second half depicts a fictional television newscast about severe weather.

The Water Cycle

Nicole Brown (author), Mike Eustis (illustrator)

Publisher: Snap! Learning ISBN: 9781620461723

This informational text helps learners understand the water cycle and how each of us has a responsiblilty to use our precious water supply with care. Charts, graphs, and maps illustrate the concepts and help students learn how to read for information.

Strange Animals

Libby Sutton (author), Francoise Kirkman (illustrator)

Publisher: Snap! Learning ISBN: 9781620461747

This informational text introduces supporting details about four unusual animals, allowing readers to identify the author's purpose of classifying them as "strange." Colorful illustrations help hold the interest of reluctant readers.

Seashells and the Creatures That Left Them Behind

Libby Sutton (author), Sou Saetern (illustrator)

Publisher: Snap! Learning ISBN: 9781620461709

Domain-specific vocabulary in this informational text helps readers learn about exoskeletons and mollusks. Readers are introduced to prefixes such as "uni-" and "bi-" while they discover various marine animals and their use to humans.


Sue Byers (author), Justin R Craig (illustrator)

Publisher: Snap! Learning ISBN: 9781620461433

Readers discover how fossils are made and what might be learned from them. There are many opportunities to find detailed evidence within the text and to keep readers engaged.

The Life of a Butterfly

Tony Losongco (author), Kristen Berardi (illustrator)

Publisher: Snap! Learning ISBN: 9781620461457

Did you know the plural of pupa is pupae? Just like the plural of antenna is antennae! Coincidence? I smell conspiracy.

The Rain Forest

Kathy Gleason (author), Justin R Craig (illustrator)

Publisher: Snap! Learning ISBN: 9781620461419

This informational text introduces readers to the wonders found at various levels of the tropical rain forest. While identifying main ideas and supporting details through domain-specific vocabulary, readers can also compare and contrast the levels of the rain forest.

Fu Fu and the Earthquake

Kathy Gleason (author), Mehran Herad (illustrator)

Publisher: Snap! Learning ISBN: 9781620461426

This narrative about a panda in China features high-interest content. Readers learn vocabulary words such as "caretaker," "landslide," and "damage" while identifying problem and solution.

The Desert

Kathy Gleason (author), Matt Hill (illustrator)

Publisher: Snap! Learning ISBN: 9781620468333

Featuring photographs and illustrations, this informational book matches science standards. Readers use text features such as headings to locate and organize facts.

The Hike

Kathy Gleason (author), Matt Hill (illustrator)

Publisher: Snap! Learning ISBN: 9781620468159

Engaging illustrations and descriptions in the text help readers make connections with the experiences of a boy who learns about rattlesnakes during a camping trip with his father.

A Rainstorm

Kathy Gleason (author), Sou Saetern (illustrator)

Publisher: Snap! Learning ISBN: 9781620468081

In this story, readers can use the illustrations and text to make predictions about the experiences of the main character. The detailed illustrations support English language learners.

The Robin's Nest

Rebecca Gauthier (author), Matt Hill (illustrator)

Publisher: Snap! Learning ISBN: 9781620467978

Readers make and confirm predictions based on the engaging illustrations, which help readers identify the characters, setting, and sequence of events.

The Zoo

Sharon Lewis (author), Sou Saetern (illustrator)

Publisher: Snap! Learning ISBN: 9781620468470

Using the high-frequency word "I," this book introduces several useful vocabulary words for zoo animals. Repetitive language and interesting illustrations support beginning readers.

The Farm

Sharon Lewis (author), Sou Saetern (illustrator)

Publisher: Snap! Learning ISBN: 9781620468432

Using the high-frequency word "the," this book for emergent readers introduces various animals found on a farm. Illustrations and text features support readers and keep them interested.


Sharon Lewis (author), Sou Saetern (illustrator)

Publisher: Snap! Learning ISBN: 9781620468425

Perfect for beginning readers, this book features familiar pets. Young readers can color the black-and-white illustrations and use the dots below each word of the text to follow along.