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Vamos al jardín

Mary Lindeen (author)

Publisher: Newmark Learning ISBN: 9781478837596

¡Hay trabajo por hacer en el jardín!

La tormenta

Judy Kentor Schmauss (author), Cale Atkinson (illustrator)

Publisher: Newmark Learning ISBN: 9781478837473

Una gran tormenta despierta a un niño en la noche.

Tengo un sombrero

Mary Lindeen (author)

Publisher: Newmark Learning ISBN: 9781478837510

¿Qué usamos en los diferentes tipos de clima?

La playa

Mary Lindeen (author)

Publisher: Newmark Learning ISBN: 9781478837411

¡Hay tantas cosas para explorar en la playa!

A subir la colina

Judy Kentor Schmauss (author), Luke Flowers (illustrator)

Publisher: Newmark Learning ISBN: 9781478837350

¿Es más divertido subir o bajar una colina grande?

Mira las hojas

Mary Lindeen (author)

Publisher: Newmark Learning ISBN: 9781478837268

¡La mejor parte del otoño son las hojas!

Días nublados

Judy Kentor Schmauss (author)

Publisher: Newmark Learning ISBN: 9781478837091

¿Cuál es tu clima favorito para jugar?

La casita del árbol

Mary Lindeen (author), Erika Meza (illustrator)

Publisher: Newmark Learning ISBN: 9781478837084

Los árboles son como familias: ¡les encanta crecer!

Diversión en la granja

Judy Kentor Schmauss (author)

Publisher: Newmark Learning ISBN: 9781478837121

¡En la granja hay muchas cosas divertidas que hacer!

Mis actividades al aire libre

Linda Koons (author)

Publisher: Newmark Learning ISBN: 9781478837176

¡Es hora de salir y pasar un buen rato!

La rueda del tiempo

Carmen Carriols (author)

Publisher: Newmark Learning ISBN: 9781478837053

¡Hay muchas formas de describir el clima!

El mercado de productos frescos

Judy Kentor Schmauss (author)

Publisher: Newmark Learning ISBN: 9781478836971

Los agricultores han traído al mercado todos sus productos frescos.

Un día caluroso

Carmen Carriols (author), Marcela Gomez (illustrator)

Publisher: Newmark Learning ISBN: 9781478836988

¡Ha salido el sol! ¡Va a ser un día de mucho calor!

La calabaza

Carmen Carriols (author)

Publisher: Newmark Learning ISBN: 9781478836858

Es hora de sembrar las semillas de calabaza y verlas crecer.

Mi trineo

Linda Koons (author), Joanna Czernichowska (illustrator)

Publisher: Newmark Learning ISBN: 9781478836872

¡Abrigate y prepárate para montar en trineo!

Animalogy: Animal Analogies

Marianne Berkes (author), Cathy Morrison (illustrator)

Publisher: Arbordale Publishing ISBN: 9781607181477

Compare and contrast different animals through predictable, rhyming analogies. Find the similarities between even the most incompatible animals . . . bat is to flit as eagle is to soar; dog is to bark as lion is to roar. Comparisons include sounds, physical adaptations, behaviors, and animals classes and are so fun, readers learn without even realizing it! Animalogy is to fun, as animals are to nature.

ABC Safari

Karen Lee (author), Karen Lee (illustrator)

Publisher: Arbordale Publishing ISBN: 9781607180159

Lets search for adventure above in the sky. Well scout through the mountains and hills, and then try exploring the forests, the meadows and plains, across the dry desert and through jungle rains. Well trek through a swamp, a puddle, a pond, in lakes and the river, the ocean beyond. But, what are we looking for? Who will we see? Find animals on this Safari with me! Once youve discovered all the animals, turn to the For Creative Minds educational section for sorting cards and animal fun facts.

Las familias

Star Bright Books

Publisher: Star Bright Books ISBN: 9781595722249

Humans and animals care for their young in many ways. They share food, go swimming, cuddle, and of course, give plenty of hugs and kisses. See the similarities in this charming photographic book. Vibrant images of loving families make this book perfect for families everywhere!

Tiburones y delfines: Un libro de comparación y contraste

Kevin Kurtz (author)

Publisher: Arbordale Publishing ISBN: 9781628557602

Los tiburones y los delfines tienen cuerpos en forma de torpedos con aletas en sus espaldas. Ellos se deslizan a través del agua para atrapar a sus presas con sus dientes filosos. Pero a pesar de sus similitudes los tiburones y los delfines pertenecen a diferentes especies de animales: uno es un pez y obtiene el oxígeno del agua y el otro es un mamífero y obtiene el oxígeno del aire. El marino Kevin Kurtz guía a los lectores jóvenes para comparar y contrastar a esos depredadores del océano a través de impresionantes fotografías y con un texto simple, y real

Cosmo's Moon

Devin Scillian (author), Mark Braught (illustrator)

Publisher: Sleeping Bear Press ISBN: 9781633621848

Cosmo loves the moon, and the moon loves Cosmo. They both come to realize though that lots of things depend on the moon - the ocean tides, morning glories, and the dogs, who can't stop howling. A magical book about the power of friendship and the nature of responsibility, Cosmo's moon will charm everyone who's ever been bewitched by the beauty of the moon.

Colors of Me

Brynne Barnes (author), Annika M. Nelson (illustrator)

Publisher: Sleeping Bear Press ISBN: 9781410308535

Intriguing collage illustrations frame this timeless story of a young child who questions the significance of color. Speaking in verse, the child wonders if the natural world believes any particular color to be more important than another. Does the rain think I'm a color when it falls on my head? I wonder if the clouds think I'm a color... maybe they think I'm green or blue or red. The child comes to see the importance of a world filled with and accepting of all colors. Do I have to choose one color? I want to be them all - black, blue, purple, brown, pink, orange, yellow, red, white, and green. The whole world is full of colors - just like me.

Danny en la nieve

Mia Coulton (author)Mia Coulton (illustrator)

Publisher: MaryRuth Books ISBN: 9781625441362

It is snowing and Danny wants to go outside and play. What does Danny like to do in the snow? This is the Spanish version of Snow Danny.


Judy Kentor Schmauss (author)

Publisher: Newmark Learning ISBN: 9781478821700

Trees come in all shapes and sizes!

My Garden

Judy Kentor Schmauss (author), Luis Fililla (illustrator)

Publisher: Newmark Learning ISBN: 9781478821687

There is more than one way to grow a garden!

I Am the Sky

Judy Kentor Schmauss (author), Fermin Solis (illustrator)

Publisher: Newmark Learning ISBN: 9781478821540

It’s time for a play about the weather!