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Kate Riggs (author)

Publisher: The Creative Company ISBN: 9781566608008

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A basic exploration of the appearance, behavior, and habitat of storks, Earth’s big wading birds. Also included is a story from folklore explaining why marabou storks have featherless heads.


Kate Riggs (author)

Publisher: The Creative Company ISBN: 9781566607353

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A high-interest introduction to the life cycle of mice, including how pinkies develop, their plant-based diet, threats from predators, and the woodsy habitats of these backyard animals.

Bird Nests

Heather Adamson (author)

Publisher: Amicus Publishing ISBN: 9781607533177

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Highlights different types of bird nests, showing where they are located and what they are made of. Includes comprehension activity.

Twisty Tails

Kelly Calhoun (author)

Publisher: Cherry Lake Publishing ISBN: 9781633628083

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Young children are natural problem solvers and always looking for answers, especially when it involves animals. Guess What: Twisty Tails provides young curious readers with striking visual clues and simply written hints. Using the photos and text, readers rely on visual literacy skills, reading, and reasoning as they solve the animal mystery. Clearly written facts give readers a deeper understanding of how the animal lives. Additional text features, including a glossary and an index, help students locate information and learn new words.