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Extinct! Volume 3

Gerry Bailey (author), Mike Spoor (illustrator)

Publisher: BrambleKids Ltd ISBN: 9781910828298

Scientists tell us that 99.99% of ALL animal and plant species that have ever existed ARE NOW EXTINCT. What does 'extinct' mean and why does it happen? This book looks at the strange and very different kinds of animals that have walked the planet and which we will never see.

Honey Girl: The Hawaiian Monk Seal

Jeanne Walker Harvey (author), Shennen Bersani (illustrator)

Publisher: Arbordale Publishing ISBN: 9781628559248

Hawaiian locals and visitors always enjoy spotting endangered Hawaiian monk seals, but Honey Girl is an extra special case. She has raised seven pups, and scientists call her Super Mom. After Honey Girl is injured by a fishhook, she gets very sick. Scientists and veterinarians work to save Honey Girl so she can be released back to the ocean. This true story will have readers captivated to learn more about this endangered species.