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Fossils and Sea Monsters

Craig Stevens (author)

Publisher: Blue Door Education ISBN: 9781950825851

Earth was a lot different when dinosaurs were around. The worlds oceans were also ruled by large predators and they left us important clues. Find out how scientists use these clues to learn what kinds of sea monsters lived and what they might have looked like.

A Shiver of Sharks

Tracy Nelson Maurer (author)

Publisher: Blue Door Education ISBN: 9781947632141

Ocean animals often swim in groups. Groups of animals have names created over our history.

Creepy But Cool Fish

Julie K. Lundgren (author)

Publisher: Blue Door Education ISBN: 9780997989625

Dive into this book and discover some of the creepiest and coolest fish in our oceans and rivers. They come in many different sizes, shapes, and colors. They also have wild adaptations that make them look or act truly strange.

Sharks! Big Teeth. Fierce Hunters

Nicola Lopetz (author)

Publisher: Blue Door Education ISBN: 9780991502486

Want to get close to a shark? Flip through pages of shark facts and full-spread photos - it's a book you can really sink your teeth into!

Animals Under The Sea

Alan Walker (author)

Publisher: Blue Door Education ISBN: 9780983340737

Introduce your students to the diverse culture of animals that live in the oceans of the world. Many animals are identified.