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History of Navigation

Steven Provost (author), Michele Rosenthal (illustrator)

Publisher: Snap! Learning ISBN: 9781620461792

Maps, diagrams, and illustrations explain the tools and methods of navigation throughout history. Readers can make connections between early methods of navigation and their own experiences.

Dinosaurs Lived Long Ago

Jennie Luna Alameida (author), Rae Mendiola (illustrator)

Publisher: Snap! Learning ISBN: 9781620464250

This book features bold, vivid illustrations and a repetitive story line to familiarize readers with various species of dinosaurs

The Queen in King's Clothing

Steve Provost (author), Nicholas Jackson (illustrator)

Publisher: Snap! Learning ISBN: 9781620461884

Beautiful illustrations engage struggling readers as they learn about an Egyptian pharaoh and identify sequences of events. This history book contains informational text and an alternate perspective from the pharaoh's close adviser.

The Great Wall of China

Jerry Di Vecchio (author), Sou Saetern (illustrator)

Publisher: Snap! Learning ISBN: 9781620461891

The high-interest content in this history book includes stunning photographs and online text features such as search engine results. The second half of the book is a series of e-mails from a student researching the Great Wall of China.

Someone to Believe In

Marcy Pusey (author), Sou Saetern (illustrator)

Publisher: Snap! Learning ISBN: 9781620461877

This informational text helps learners compare two monotheistic religions. Readers analyze and compare several primary source documents, as well as a fictional magazine in the second half of the book.

Greek Myths

Tommy Matthews (author), Matt Hill (illustrator)

Publisher: Snap! Learning ISBN: 9781620461839

Readers make extensive use of graphic and text features to interpret information in this social studies book. The first half of this beautifully illustrated book contains expository text while the second half is a series of blog posts from a Greek goddess.

From Tablets to Texting

L. Rigdon (author), Nicholas Jackson (illustrator)

Publisher: Snap! Learning ISBN: 9781620461822

This book begins with informational text about cuneiform and hieroglyphics and ends with an alternative perspective: a girl writing in her diary about the connections between ancient and modern communication. The clever story engages readers and introduces history content.

American Immigrants Yesterday and Today

Tony Losongco (author), Paul Klepac (illustrator)

Publisher: Snap! Learning ISBN: 9781620461785

Readers learn to compare and contrast the experiences of new Americans during two historical periods of immigration. Students use maps, illustrations, photographs, and a fictional diary entry to interpret information.

Facts and Myths About George Washington

Tony Losongco (author), Sou Saetern (illustrator)

Publisher: Snap! Learning ISBN: 9781620461754

This informational text helps learners understand the water cycle and how each of us has a responsiblilty to use our precious water supply with care. Charts, graphs, and maps illustrate the concepts and help students learn how to read for information.

Patriotic Songs

Marilyn Baker (author), Paul Klepac & Sou Saetern (illustrator)

Publisher: Snap! Learning ISBN: 9781620461778

This social studies book contains high-interest content to hook reluctant readers. Readers are exposed to the poetic structure of familiar American songs and identify the sequence of events in the development of these songs.

Creating the Constitution

Jennifer Wittman (author), Nicholas Jackson (illustrator)

Publisher: Snap! Learning ISBN: 9781620461730

Detailed black-and-white illustrations in the style of old political cartoons add to the historical theme of this book. Readers identify cause and effect as they learn about the early years of our republic.