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Philadelphia 76ers

Jim Gigliotti (author)

Publisher: The Child's World ISBN: 9781503838314

Learn about the key players and big wins that have made the Philadelphia 76ers one of the most exciting and successful teams in the NBA. Readers will get a glimpse into the team's history, its home court, its fans, and the team's most memorable moments. Additional features to enhance comprehension include informative captions, an introduction to the author, a phonetic glossary of key words and phrases, sources for further research including websites, a look at the parts of a basketball court, a section on common uniforms for the team, a section of career records and stats, and an index.

The Story of the Orlando Magic

Jim Whiting (author)

Publisher: The Creative Company ISBN: 9781566604758

Basketball is known for its fast-breaking, buzzer-beating action, and Creative Education is known for its stellar sports publishing. That excitement is captured—and that tradition continued—in The NBA: A History of Hoops, a series celebrating all 30 franchises of the National Basketball Association. With thrilling texts, interesting side panels, and lively player profiles set alongside vibrant photos, every team’s origins, stars, greatest triumphs, and most unforgettable moments can be experienced like never before. This title provides an informative narration of the Orlando Magic professional basketball team’s history from its 1989 founding to today, spotlighting memorable players and reliving dramatic events.

Showing Horses

Valerie Bodden (author)

Publisher: The Creative Company ISBN: 9781566603171

A narrative guide to showing horses, from how much to practice beforehand, what the show classes entail, what judges are looking for, and what to wear and expect as you perform.

Denver Broncos

Aaron Frisch (author)

Publisher: The Creative Company ISBN: 9781566602839

An elementary look at the Denver Broncos professional football team, including its formation in 1960, most memorable players, Super Bowl championships, and stars of today. Some of professional sports’ most famous heroes wear football spikes and helmets. This series puts readers ages six and up into the action, acquainting them with the story and larger-than-life stars of every National Football League team ever to win the game’s biggest prize—the Super Bowl trophy. Each title presents action-driven photos and close-ups, a concise history of the team from its origin to today, brief profiles of NFL stars, and a “Facts File” of the team.