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Rebecca Lee Crumpler

J. P. Miller (author) Markia Jenai (illustrator)

Publisher: Rourke Publishing ISBN: 9781731639592

Ever since she was young, Rebecca wanted to help people feel better, even before people knew much about modern medicine. She would not let anyone stop her from becoming the first African American woman doctor in the United States. She even wrote a book about what she learned so others could learn too. In this 24-page book from the Leaders Like Us series, you'll meet an important African American leader in medicine – Rebecca Lee Crumpler!

The Hospital

David Armentrout, Patricia Armentrout (authors)

Publisher: Rourke Publishing ISBN: 9781615907205

Hospitals are the focus of this book. Included is information about who works in hospitals, how they help us, and why people have to stay there.

Search and Rescue Animals

Precious McKenzie (author)

Publisher: Rourke Publishing ISBN: 9781634301237

Readers will learn how search and rescue animals are used around the world in many dangerous situations.