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Nos gustan los charcos

Cynthia Kolodny (author) Miriam Sagasti (illustrator)

Publisher: Kaeden Books ISBN: 9781641321723

Readers will follow along as the characters make a splash outside. Simple, repetitive text will help readers build fluency and recognition of high-frequency verbs.

¿Qué soy yo?

Deborah Williams (author)

Publisher: Kaeden Books ISBN: 9781641320764

Readers will use clues about an animal's physical traits to predict what the animal is.

¿Qué tipo de pelota es?

Kathleen Urmston (author) Gloria Gedeon (illustrator)

Publisher: Kaeden Books ISBN: 9781641320788

What's in the bag? Readers will enjoy guessing along with the characters.

Las botas y los zapatos

Ann Cooper (author)

Publisher: Kaeden Books ISBN: 9781641320436

What can you do in your shoes? Readers explore the kinds of footwear needed for a variety of activities.

¿Qué es esto?

 Carolyn Kisloski (author) Chiara Fiorentino (illustrator)

Publisher: Rourke Publishing ISBN: 9781641561112

¿Puedes adivinar qué vehículo es? Te daré pistas y te diré de qué color es

Todo el mundo juega

Amy Popalis (author)

Publisher: Rourke Publishing ISBN: 9781641560993

Desde los videojuegos hasta los juegos de mesa y juegos tradicionales practicados durante generaciones, pueden enseñarte un buen espíritu deportivo y que no siempre importa ganar.

Haciendo un muñeco de nieve

 Carolyn Kisloski (author) Nina de Polonia (illustrator)

Publisher: Rourke Publishing ISBN: 9781641561372

¿Cómo haces un muñeco de nieve? Bueno, primero necesitas un poco de nieve. Luego formas un círculo para la cabeza y el cuerpo. A continuación, agregas los objetos que encuentres para los ojos, la nariz y la boca.


 Carolyn Kisloski (author) Nina de Polonia (illustrator)

Publisher: Rourke Publishing ISBN: 9781641561310

Ven a jugar al escondite en el parque infantil. Encuentra un lugar para esconderte antes de que cuenten hasta 10. ¿Dónde está el mejor lugar para esconderse? Hay muchos lugares para esconderse.

Tenemos una caja

 Carolyn Kisloski (author) Isabella Grott (illustrator)

Publisher: Rourke Publishing ISBN: 9781641561358

Tenemos una caja. Podemos hacer cualquier cosa. ¿Qué quieres hacer?


Sara A. Johnson (author)

Publisher: Teacher Created Materials ISBN: 9781433393532

Did you know that you use subtraction when you play games? Everything from picking a winning team, jumping rope, and playing hopscotch uses subtraction. See subtraction in action as you read this book!

Los juegos son divertidos

Lisa Greathouse (author)

Publisher: Teacher Created Materials ISBN: 9781433380686

Discover patterns in everyday games! This charming, Spanish-translated title helps young readers recognize repeating patterns in common games like checkers, cards, board games, and jacks. Children will enhance their understanding of patterns and early STEM themes with engaging examples and featured "You Try It" problems.

Mis lugares favoritos

Laura Verderosa (author)

Publisher: Newmark Learning ISBN: 9781612698533

¿Adónde vas para divertirte?

¡A jugar en casa!

Chris Michaels (author)

Publisher: Newmark Learning ISBN: 9781612698663

¿Qué te gusta jugar en casa?

Max and Sarah Build a Snowman

Harriet Ziefert (author), Ekaterina Trukhan (illustrator)

Publisher: Blue Apple Books ISBN: 9781609055820

The books in the Hola, English! series were written for Spanish-speaking children new to English and English-speaking children whose parents or teachers want to introduce a foreign language early on. Max and Sarah Build a Snowman teaches numbers and counting within the context of the familiar hide-and-seek game.

Cosas que hacer

Dona Herweck Rice (author)

Publisher: Teacher Created Materials ISBN: 9780743992213

Finally, boredom is solved with many suggestions on things that children can do! They can play, read, and even spend time with their families. This book introduces readers to new vocabulary related to boredom-busting activities.