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Zapatos Nuevos

Catherine Lukas (author) Jennifer Harney (illustrator)

Publisher: Twin Sisters ISBN: 9781625813343

Un día un cliente visito la tienda de zapatos. “Necesito zapatos nuevos,” ella dijo “Los necesito de inmediato.” Lee y conoce a la Sra. Hipopótamo quien quiere un par muy especial de zapatos. Descubre por que necesecita los zapatos de inmediato en este divertido Libor Para Principiantes que usa texto repetitivo e ilustraciones brillantes. Este libro del Nivel 2 usa un promedio de 6 a 10 palabras por pagina, fotos que sugieren significado, y rimas divertidas. “Zapatos Nuevos” ” ayudara a los niños lograr el éxito de lectura dentro y fuera del salón. Mientras se tiende la fundación para disfrutar de toda una vida de lectura.

A New Friend For Me

Cass Hollander (author) George Ulrich (illustrator)

Publisher: Twin Sisters ISBN: 9781625818713

Read the funny story when Montague Morton Meriwether Smith arrives at a new school. What will happen during show and tell when one student’s pet snake gets out of the box? Follow along through each day of the week, and discover how this cool kid makes a special, new friend. A positive ending adds interest to this silly story and encourages a lifelong love for reading.

My First Day At School

Emmi S. Herman (author) Ruth J. Flanigan (illustrator)

Publisher: Twin Sisters ISBN: 9781625818737

It’s Amy’s first day of school and she is a little nervous. So Amy’s mother gives her a big hug and shows her a folded piece of paper. Then she quickly puts the paper in Amy’s pocket and tells her to open it if she needs a little help. Follow Amy throughout her day as she meets new friends, eats lunch, and plays on the playground. What will happen when Amy falls, scrapes both of her knees, and has to go see the school nurse? Will she look at the folded piece of paper in her pocket? A positive ending will add interest and help calm young students’ nerves about attending the first day of school.