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Wheelchair Sports at the Paralympics

Matt Bowers (author)

Publisher: Amicus Publishing ISBN: 9781681518671

A photo-illustrated book for elementary readers about Paralympic basketball, tennis, rugby, and fencing events. Includes descriptions of each of these men's and women's wheelchair sports. Readers will be introduced to some rules and how they differ from their Olympic counterpart. Includes Q&A features, table of contents, photo captions, glossary, books and websites, and index.

12 Immigrants Who Made American Technology Great

Tristan Poehlmann (author)

Publisher: Amicus Publishing ISBN: 9781632356932

Introduces readers to inspiring immigrants whose technology contributions made our country great. From Scotland's Alexander Graham Bell, founder of Bell Telephone and AT&T, to South Africa's Elon Musk, founder of aerospace manufacturer SpaceX and auto company Tesla, to Austria's Maria Telkes, best known for her invention of the first solar-powered heating system, each profile is presented in a clear, historical context with an emphasis on their legacies.