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Joyce Markovics (author)

Publisher: Bearport Publishing ISBN: 9781642806953

Wild. Dramatic. Friendly. Welcome to Brazil! In this bright, exciting book, young readers will travel to this amazing country without ever leaving their homes or classrooms. During their journey, they will learn all about Brazil’s land, cities, food, holidays, music, and wildlife. They’ll even learn how to speak a few words in Portuguese! This 32-page book features controlled text with age-appropriate vocabulary and simple sentence construction. The engaging text, bold design, and stunning photos are sure to capture children’s interest.

¿Qué está haciendo Sam?

Abby Walters (author) Isabella Grott (illustrator)

Publisher: Rourke Publishing ISBN: 9781641561419

Sam está haciendo algo. ¿Pero, qué es? Con la ayuda de una amiga y de algunas herramientas de su casa, ¡finalmente revela su sorpresa especial!

Crayones, papel y tijeras

Mary Lindeen (author), Sarah Jennings (illustrator)

Publisher: Newmark Learning ISBN: 9781478837107

¡Es hora de un proyecto especial de manualidades!

La bandera

Mary Lindeen (author)

Publisher: Newmark Learning ISBN: 9781478836902

Aprende cómo es la bandera de los Estados Unidos.