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Christina Leaf (author)

Publisher: Bellwether Media Inc. ISBN: 9781681037578

Some buildings take years or even centuries to construct! But the buildings in this book take much less time. This title teaches paper architects how to fold origami versions of some of the world’s most famous structures, as well as teaching them facts and history about each building. Tips and tricks sidebars help readers hone their paper folding skills!


Ryan James (author)

Publisher: Rourke Publishing ISBN: 9781681919447

This title gives students an inside look at the fundamentals of soccer, along with the rules and equipments used.

Raspberry Pi

Kristin Fontichiaro, Charles R. Severance (author)

Publisher: Cherry Lake Publishing ISBN: 9781624312052

The Raspberry Pi is a small computer that allows almost anyone to learn about computer programming. Readers will discover new processes, integrate visual information with text, and and learn technical word meanings as they find out how the Raspberry Pi was invented and how makers are using it today. They will also learn how to set up and begin programming their own Raspberry Pis.

Hacking Fashion: T-Shirts

Kristin Fontichiaro (author)

Publisher: Cherry Lake Publishing ISBN: 9781631888953

Learn how to recycle old clothes into brand-new fashions with these fun do-it-yourself activities. Readers can practice basic sewing skills to make their t-shirts more stylish and unique. Photos, sidebars, and callouts help readers draw connections between new concepts in this book and other makers-related concepts they may already know. Additional text features and search tools, including a glossary and an index, help students locate information and learn new words.