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Chamber Music

James Joyce (author)

Publisher: Xist Publishing ISBN: 9781532421945

Chamber Music is a collection of poems by James Joyce, published by Elkin Mathews in May 1907. The collection originally comprised thirty-four love poems, but two further poems were added before publication.

Aunt Crete's Emancipation

Grace Livingston Hill (author)

Publisher: Xist Publishing ISBN: 9781532421761

A rich nephew from the West is coming to town, and Carrie and her daughter Luella are desperate to make a lasting impression. Ashamed with their own modest lifestyle, they flee hoping to find new riches and impress Donald and leave Aunt Crete - a modest old lady treated by Carrier and Luella as a slave - to greet the guest. Donald ends up impressed with Aunt Crete and treats her kingly, but what will Carrie and Luella have to say about it?

Black Beauty

Anna Sewell (author)

Publisher: Xist Publishing ISBN: 9781532421860

A horse-lovers classic! Told from the perspective of a horse during the Victorian era, Black Beauty is a heartwarming tale for children. Following the well bred horse from its early days through a number of owners, the story ends in the meadow where the horse was born.


Anonymous (author)

Publisher: Xist Publishing ISBN: 9781532421815

Epic poetry at its finest, Beowulf is one of the most studied and praised English classic. Originally written over a thousand years ago, the story celebrates Beowulf, a young Swedish nobleman who has battled monsters and dragons to keep his people safe.

Anna Karenina

Leo Tolstoy (author)

Publisher: Xist Publishing ISBN: 9781532421648

A gripping read of romance, intrigue and human emotion. Anna Karenina has been called the world's greatest novel. Set in 19th century Russia, Anna seeks to escape a loveless marriage for a passionate romance.

Almayer's Folly

Joseph Conrad (author)

Publisher: Xist Publishing ISBN: 9781532421570

Dutch Kaspar Almayer, a trader married to a native Malayan and father of one daughter Nina, is obsessed with wealth. He seeks in vain the lost treasure of Borneo and waits for the British conquerors in his unfinished house named by a fellow seaman ‘Almayer’s Folly.’ A local prince in love with Nina swears to help the Dutch find the gold but can he be trusted?

An Outcast of the Islands

Joseph Conrad (author)

Publisher: Xist Publishing ISBN: 9781532421624

This second novel from Conrad details the undoing of Peter Willems, a disreputable, immoral man who, on the run from a scandal in Makassar, finds refuge in a hidden native village, only to betray his benefactors over lust for the tribal chief's daughter.

Anne's House of Dreams

Lucy Maud Montgomery (author)

Publisher: Xist Publishing ISBN: 9781532421686

Book 5 in the Anne of Green Gables series - Anne's House of Dreams begins with the wedding between Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe. In this book, they move to a small home and begin their life together with love, loss and many interesting escapades.

Anne of Avonlea

Lucy Maud Montgomery (author)

Publisher: Xist Publishing ISBN: 9781532421655

Anne of Avonlea is the second book in the Anne of Green Gables series. This book follows Anne Shirley from the age of 16-18 during the two years she teaches at the Avonlea school. Anne discovers all of the joys and struggles of being a teacher and continuing her studies and friendship with Gilbert

Arabian Nights

Kate Douglas Wiggin (author)

Publisher: Xist Publishing ISBN: 9781532421716

This collection includes Aladdin and the Magic Lamp, the Story of Sinbad the Voyager, Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves and other lesser-known but still wonderful tales for children and adults alike.

An African Millionaire: Episodes in the Life of the Illustrious Colonel Clay

Grant Allen (author)

Publisher: Xist Publishing ISBN: 9781532421587

An ironic adventure tale this is the story of an African millionaire that is burglarized many times.

Aesop's Fables

Aesop Aesop (author)

Publisher: Xist Publishing ISBN: 9781532421495

Aesop's Fables have been touchstone tales for hundreds of years. Stories like "The Tortoise and the Hare," "The Boy who Cried Wolf" and "The Fox and the Grapes" are just as relevant for today's audiences as they ever were.

Anderson's Fairy Tales

Hans Christian Anderson (author)

Publisher: Xist Publishing ISBN: 9781532421631

Hans Christian Anderson's Fairy Tales have been beloved by children for centuries. This collection includes: The Emperor's New Clothes; The Swineherd; The Real Princess; The Shoes of Fortune; The Fir Tree; The Snow Queen; The Leap Frog; The Elderbush; The Bell; The Old House; The Happy Family; The Story of a Mother; The False Collar; The Shadow; The Little Match Girl; The Dream of Little Tuk; and The Naughty Boy.

All Around the Moon

Jules Verne (author)

Publisher: Xist Publishing ISBN: 9781532421556

In this sequel to From the Earth to the Moon, Verne’s three travelers almost make it to the moon, flying around it in a homemade projectile.

An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge

Ambrose Bierce (author)

Publisher: Xist Publishing ISBN: 9781532421617

This short story with a twist by American author, Ambrose Bierce is set during the American Civil War. It's the story of Peyton Farquhar, a Confederate sympathizer condemned to death by hanging from Owl Creek Bridge. This story has been hailed as an early pioneer in "stream of consciousness" storytelling.

Anne of Green Gables

Lucy Maud Montgomery (author)

Publisher: Xist Publishing ISBN: 9781532421662

Isn't it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet? Anne of Green Gables is one of the world's most beloved young heroines. This coming of age novel is a must read for romantics of all ages. It tells the adventures of Anne Shirley, a young orphan girl, age 11 who is mistakenly sent to Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert, a middle-aged brother and sister who had intended to adopt a boy to help them on their farm on Prince Edward Island.

All Things Considered

G.K. Chesterton (author)

Publisher: Xist Publishing ISBN: 9781532421563

G.K Chesterton is a perfectionist - although not that fond of the modern meaning of success - realizing the passing nature of his ideas. Yet he did gather all his papers written for London Daily News in the book called All Things Considered. He laments for being much too serious in the topics he covers but he still has the ability to present the mundane in a comical, ironic perspective. And how about religion, the idea of success and fairy tales? Are journalists more like fairies?

An Ambitious Woman

Edgar Fawcett (author)

Publisher: Xist Publishing ISBN: 9781532421594

A young woman vows to climb the New York social ladder in the late nineteenth century. This novel explores a woman's ambition at a time when marriage was the only way to advance one's position.

Anne of the Island

Lucy Maud Montgomery (author)

Publisher: Xist Publishing ISBN: 9781532421679

Anne of the Island is the third book in the Anne of Green Gables series In this volume, Anne attends Redmond college in Nova Scotia. In this book, the growing relationship between Anne and Gilbert is almost thwarted but despite herself, Anne finds true love.


Ayn Rand (author)

Publisher: Xist Publishing ISBN: 9781532421693

Ayn Rand's shortest work imagines a world where education is banned and there is one word punishable by death -- "I." The hero discovers that man's greatest duty is the pursuit of his own happiness and embodies the philosophies explored in Rand's later and longer works, Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead.


Jules Verne (author)

Publisher: Xist Publishing ISBN: 9781532421464

A story about courage, freedom and survival. The novel, the second in the Mysterious Island triad, is about the adventures of five prisoners of war who crash on a mysterious island after a daring escape.

Around the World in Eighty Days

Jules Verne (author)

Publisher: Xist Publishing ISBN: 9781532421723

Phileas Fogg attempts to go around the world in 80 days or less after a bet with his friends at the Reform club. He travels via train, elephant, ship and more in this classic adventure.

An Antarctic Mystery

Jules Verne (author)

Publisher: Xist Publishing ISBN: 9781532421600

An adventure tale that follows the adventures of the narrator and his journey from the Kerguelen Islands aboard Halbrane.

Arthurian Romances

Chrétien de Troyes (author)

Publisher: Xist Publishing ISBN: 9781532421730

Arthurian Romances by Chrétien de Troyes is a collection of short stories set in the Early Middle Ages, in England. They follow the path of several knights – including Lancelot’s dad – through adulthood focusing on their romantic affairs. What tests will the knights encounter in order to prove themselves worthy of a woman’s love?

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Mark Twain (author)

Publisher: Xist Publishing ISBN: 9781532421488

When Huck Finn fakes his own death and flees his drunken father, he joins forces with a runaway slave and heads for freedom. Twain tells the story of Huckleberry (Huck) Finn and his adventures along the Mississippi River.