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Experience Media

Jean C. Lawler (author)

Publisher: Red Chair Press LLC ISBN: 9781634403764

Managing the daily influence of technology, including knowing when to ‘unplug,’ allows kids to bring balance to their lives. This leads to deeper friendships, more focus at home and school, and higher success in learning.

Experience Nutrition

Jean C. Lawler (author)

Publisher: Red Chair Press LLC ISBN: 9781634403740

Growing plants and vegetables and studying food sources can help children make good food choices, which is likely to result in overall healthier lives. Readers will learn skills for choosing food wisely.

Power Down For Fitness

Marko Galjasevic, Deborah Wood (author)

Publisher: Red Chair Press LLC ISBN: 9781634404105

Power Down for Fitness presents easy-to-follow poses for kids and informational notes for adults who dare to join them in stretching for fitness.

Experience Mindfulness

Jean C. Lawler (author)

Publisher: Red Chair Press LLC ISBN: 9781634403757

Being in the present moment, aware of what’s going on right now, helps kids be more focused, more patient, and likely to make better decisions for themselves. Readers will learn basic skils for being self-aware.

A Calf Named Brian Higgins

Kristen Ball (author)

Publisher: Red Chair Press LLC ISBN: 9781947159006

Thirteen-year-old Hannah Higgins is convinced her summer is ruined when she is forced to travel to Africa and work in a remote village in Kenya with her mom and uncle. Never having been to a developing country, she finds the food challenging and the community filthy. She has to live without electricity or running water. Then she is told she must attend school. Just when she thinks nothing could make this trip any worse, she learns people there are dying of hunger and preventable disease. Hannah becomes frustrated and wants to help, but when poverty threatens the lives of people she loves, all she wants to do is go home.