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Mysteries of the Moon

Rebecca E. Hirsch (author)

Publisher: Lerner Publishing Group ISBN: 9781728400907

There are many mysteries surrounding the moon. Where did it come from? And what could be hiding on its dark side? Take a look at the research scientists are doing to learn about the Earth's moon.

Mysteries of Deep Space

Margaret J. Goldstein (author)

Publisher: Lerner Publishing Group ISBN: 9781728400877

Could astronauts use wormholes to travel from galaxy to galaxy? Learn what scientists understand about the shape of outer space and see what and other deep space mysteries they are trying to solve.

Mysteries of Stars

Margaret J. Goldstein (author)

Publisher: Lerner Publishing Group ISBN: 9781728400891

Stars decorate our sky every night, but we're still learning things about how they form and what they're made of. Dive into the many mysteries surrounding stars that scientists are investigating!

Mysteries of Mars

Rebecca E. Hirsch (author)

Publisher: Lerner Publishing Group ISBN: 9781728400884

Could there be life on Mars? Scientists are trying to answer this and many other questions about our next-door planetary neighbor. Introduce young readers to the fascinating scientific mysteries surrounding Mars.

Moon Landing

Joe Dunn (author) Joseph Wight (illustrator)

Publisher: ABDO ISBN: 9781602704275

Moon, 1969. After World War II, tensions were high between the United States and the Soviet Union. Thus began the Cold War, and the battle to be the first to explore space. U.S. and Soviet astronauts were sent on several missions, but on July 16, 1969, the Apollo 11 crew won the race. Take a giant step to the moon in this stunning graphic novel. Diagrams, timelines, glossaries, and indexes make these titles an exciting addition to classroom discussion.


Saranne Taylor (author) Moreno Chiacchiera (illustrator)

Publisher: BrambleKids Ltd ISBN: 9781913688417

What will life be like in 100 years time? Humans will be living in outer space quite soon. Probably within the next 50 years - that's in the reader's lifetime - there'll be at least one small group of scientists inhabiting a different planet.

Out of this World

Stephanie Rodriguez (author) Jenna Johnston (illustrator)

Publisher: Xist Publishing ISBN: 9781532430008

Aliens and planets and rockets and astronauts are ready to make little ones laugh! Get kids reading AND laughing with funny outer space jokes. Jenna Johnston's bold illustrations add to the hilarity of outer space puns. Developing readers will build confidence and story time will never be the same for your rocket-loving child. These jokes are silly and strange and make a great gift for a science and space fan.

The Sun

Betsy Rathburn (author)

Publisher: Bellwether Media Inc. ISBN: 9781681036038

The Sun’s outermost layer, the corona, is only visible to the naked eye during a total solar eclipse! This important star impacts our daily lives, from providing the necessities of life to affecting our means of communication. Studying the Sun provides information about the galaxy and beyond. This title is one shining star young readers will not want to put down!

The Moon

Nathan Sommer (author)

Publisher: Bellwether Media Inc. ISBN: 9781681036939

Only 12 humans have walked on the Moon. But scientists have learned a lot about Earth’s night light. We know how it was formed, about its relationship with Earth, and its surface features. The informative text pairs with fascinating fun facts and special features to provide an in-depth look at Earth’s closest neighbor.


Betsy Rathburn (author)

Publisher: Bellwether Media Inc. ISBN: 9781681036960

If humans ever make it to Saturn, they won’t be able to land on its surface. This enormous planet has no solid ground! Beyond its seven magnificent rings, Saturn swirls with dense clouds of gas. This fascinating planet is on display in this book full of special features, fun facts, and beautiful photos.


Nathan Sommer (author)

Publisher: Bellwether Media Inc. ISBN: 9781681036977

Uranus is an ice giant that spins completely on its side! Scientists have studied it since its discovery in 1781, but Uranus remains one of the solar system’s most mysterious planets. In fact, only one spacecraft has ever visited the planet. This hi/lo title uses fascinating fun facts, special features, and photos to give readers a crash course on the coldest planet in the solar system!


Betsy Rathburn (author)

Publisher: Bellwether Media Inc. ISBN: 9781681036984

A single day is longer than a year on Venus! This hot, rocky planet is much like Earth, but it holds many mysteries that scientists work hard to unravel. How did it form? What is it made of? These questions and more will be answered in this informative book about Venus – a planet often called “Earth’s Twin.”


Betsy Rathburn (author)

Publisher: Bellwether Media Inc. ISBN: 9781681036021

In 2014, exoplanet Kepler-186f was found in the habitable zone of its system’s star. It is just one of 40 discovered exoplanets providing information about the potential for life outside Earth. From masses of rock to gas and ice giants, planets can tell us a lot about the rest of the universe. This title takes readers through the beginnings of these celestial bodies, why we study them, and much more!


Betsy Rathburn (author)

Publisher: Bellwether Media Inc. ISBN: 9781681036014

Ganymede, one of Jupiter’s 53 moons, is the largest moon in the solar system. It is even larger than the planet Mercury! Moons are found throughout the solar system and beyond, circling planets and asteroids. In this book, reluctant readers will find the answers to how moons form, where they are found, and so much more!


Betsy Rathburn (author)

Publisher: Bellwether Media Inc. ISBN: 9781681036007

On the darkest of nights, the white sparkle spanning the sky provides a glimpse at the far reaches of the Milky Way galaxy. But there are trillions more just in the observable universe! This title allows readers to explore these collections of stars, planets, and space debris that span across light-years of space.


Betsy Rathburn (author)

Publisher: Bellwether Media Inc. ISBN: 9781681035994

What has a nucleus, coma, and two tails? Why, a comet, of course! The wonder and mystery of comets has excited humans for centuries, and they continue to provide valuable information about the solar system and the creation of the galaxy. This title will introduce striving readers to comets with thought-provoking information, fascinating facts, and engaging images.


Saranne Taylor (author) Adam Linley (illustrator)

Publisher: BrambleKids Ltd ISBN: 9781913688400

What will life be like in 100 years time? Humans will be living in outer space quite soon. Probably within the next 50 years - that's in the reader's lifetime - there'll be at least one small group of scientists inhabiting a different planet.

Challenged in Space

Felicia Law, Gerry Bailey (author) Leighton Noyes (illustrator)

Publisher: BrambleKids Ltd ISBN: 9781910828717

A brave adventurer and his colleague manage to escape a dangerous situation in the River Rapids. Set in a challenging environment, essential STEM skills come in handy.

The Life of Sally Ride

Elizabeth Raum (author)

Publisher: Amicus Publishing ISBN: 9781681517629

This book for elementary readers outlines key dates throughout this change maker's life. Engaging photographs and a timeline depict each step in paving the way for others, from Sally Ride's early ambition with tennis through her first two space missions and her work to inspire young girls to pursue science. A table of contents, glossary, further resources, and an index are included.

12 Women in the Space Industry

Marne Ventura (author)

Publisher: Amicus Publishing ISBN: 9781645820635

From Sally Ride, the first American woman in space, to Peggy Whitson, space station commander, citizen space explorer Anousheh Ansari, and British space scientist Maggie Aderin-Pocock, this book profiles 12 women from around the world who have gone into space or worked in the space industry. Each chapter includes attention-grabbing photos, biographical details, and fascinating facts. Sidebars go beyond the basics, and prompts invite readers to think for themselves. An Out of the Shadows section features mini-bios of space-focused women who never got the recognition they deserved.

Christina Koch

Rachel Rose (author)

Publisher: Bearport Publishing ISBN: 9781647477325

Christina Koch reached for the stars--and made it to space! As a kid, a love for science and engineering sent Christina to her school's rocket club and her backyard shed to build things with her dad. And that was all before she joined NASA, explored some of the most remote places on this planet, and finally blasted off for a historic space mission. As the record holder for the longest spaceflight made by a woman, you might think Christina's had enough of zero gravity. But not if she has anything to say about it! Learn all about Christina's spectacular journey as a NASA astronaut and engineer.

Northern Lights

Ben McClanahan (author)

Publisher: North Star Editions ISBN: 9781641852142

Explains what causes the northern lights. Beautiful photos, fact-filled text, and helpful infographics help readers learn all about the science behind this phenomenon as well as ways that people study or protect it.

Exploring Space

Steve Way (author) Yuliya Somina (illustrator)

Publisher: BrambleKids Ltd ISBN: 9781913688851

The STEM titles come packed with cross-curricular information covering all the essential aspects of these familiar school topics. Key word entries and highlighted key words in the text focus learning and understanding.

Mega-Dogs of New Kansas

Dan Jolley (author) Jacques Khouri (illustrator)

Publisher: Lerner Publishing Group ISBN: 9781541599475

The story of a girl and her dog—in space. Sienna Barlow loves nothing more than riding around New Kansas on top of her mega-dog, Gus. He's one of the massive pooches protecting the human settlers of a strange planet. In fact, Sienna connects better with Gus than with other kids. So when a visiting official threatens to shut down the mega-dog program, Sienna sneaks off with her best friend. After she, Gus, and a stowaway crash their escape ship, they discover a danger to every human in their community—and launch a wild plan to save New Kansas.

Space Machines in Action: An Augmented Reality Experience

Rebecca E. Hirsch (author)

Publisher: Lerner Publishing Group ISBN: 9781541583504

Explore outer space through interactive augmented reality experiences! Space is a dangerous place for humans. That's where robots and rovers come in! These cutting-edge space machines can explore planets, moons, and comets that are off-limits to people. Learn about space machines and the jobs they do through this augmented reality reading experience.