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Lucky Litter, The: Wolf Pups Rescued from Wildfire

Jennifer Keats Curtis (author), John Gomes (illustrator)

Publisher: Arbordale Publishing ISBN: 9781628557213

As a huge wildfire roared along the Funny River in the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska, firefighters rushed to the rescue. When they found five three-week-old wolf pups in need, they raced into action to save the whole litter. With no wolf parents to help, zookeepers and vets at the Alaska Zoo made sure the babies grew into a healthy, happy pack. Follow this true story as the pups travel from their charred forest to the Alaska Zoo, where they grow big and strong before finally moving to their forever home at the Minnesota Zoo.

The Sparrow and the Trees

Sharon Chriscoe (author), Susan Detwiler (illustrator)

Publisher: Arbordale Publishing ISBN: 9781628556483

The Sparrow family is ready for their trip south for the winter, but Papas wing is hurt and he cannot make the trip. He asks the trees for help. One by one, the mighty, leafy trees of the forest say no! Will any of the trees help Papa Sparrow? What will happen to the selfish trees that turned him away? Discover why some trees lose their leaves in winter in this retelling of a Cherokee pourquoi tale.

El gorrin y los rboles

Sharon Chriscoe (author), Susan Detwiler (illustrator)

Publisher: Arbordale Publishing ISBN: 9781628556537

La familia gorrin est lista para su viaje haca el sur para pasar el invierno, pero el ala de Pap est lastimada y l no puede hacer el viaje. l pide ayuda a los rboles. Uno por uno, los poderosos rboles, llenos de hojas, le van diciendo que no! Acaso alguno de los rboles ayudar a Pap gorrin? Qu les pasar a los rboles egostas que le dieron la espalda? Descubre por qu algunos rboles pierden sus hojas durante el invierno en este recuento de un relato del porqu.