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Red Foxes

Nicole Orr (author)

Publisher: Purple Toad Publishing ISBN: 9781624690983

Do you like riddles? Try this one! What wails like a ghost, is born blind, and can run almost as fast as a car on the highway? It's a red fox! Join Andy and his father as they go on a safari to learn more about these dogs and vixens of the woods!


Ann Tatlock (author)

Publisher: Purple Toad Publishing ISBN: 9781624691003

Come meet the opossum, a hardy little night creature who is North America's only marsupial. While you're sleeping, he's busy foraging for food. His mate, the mama opossum, doesn't have to carry food back to her young because they are either snuggling in her pouch or riding on her back. With ancestors dating to the dinosaur, today they can be found right in your own backyard!


Tammy Gagne (author)

Publisher: Purple Toad Publishing ISBN: 9781624691027

Raccoons can be found nearby everywhere in the United States - even in your own backyard! Still, these common creatures are fascinating. With their black masks, ringed tails, and tiny hands, they are as adorable as they are mischievous. Join Zoe and Ethan as they head out in search of these furry bandits. You might even catch one in the middle of a garbage can raid.

Gray Squirrels

Tammy Gagne (author)

Publisher: Purple Toad Publishing ISBN: 9781624691041

Gray squirrels are far from uncommon creatures. In fact, they often seem to be everywhere. At the same time, it is very rare to see one of these fast and furry rodents up close. Join Jack and his sister Sophia as they explore their own backyard - and catch several glimpses of gray squirrels in action. You are sure to learn many new things about these familiar yet wondrous animals along the way.


Tamra Orr (author)

Publisher: Purple Toad Publishing ISBN: 9781624690327

Have you ever wanted to fly? Have you watched birds flying from tree branch to roof top and wondered what it must be like? In this story, you will meet a bird who is moving from the pet store to his new home. What is it like to get a real bird bath? How can you tell if your pet bird is happy or scared? Let's find out!


Cynthia Mead (author)

Publisher: Purple Toad Publishing ISBN: 9781624690839

Cats are adorable, affectionate, silly, and seemingly mysterious creatures. Each thing they do tells us a little about what they are thinking or how they are feeling. So what are cats saying? Once you find out you'll be even closer to your feline best friends!


Ann Tatlock (author)

Publisher: Purple Toad Publishing ISBN: 9781624690341

Did you know dogs can speak? It's true! Through barking and body language, they will tell you what they're thinking and feeling and even what they're about to do. You just need to know the signs and sounds. Come and learn!

Guinea Pigs

Tamra Orr (author)

Publisher: Purple Toad Publishing ISBN: 9781624690303

Ready to meet some cute new friends? Open the pages to meet Cody and Carlos. They are guinea pigs-even though they are not pigs at all. They chirp, they squeal, they play, and they make fun pets. Find out what they like to eat, where they like to live, how they like to be held-and how two special guinea pigs even went into outer space.


Tammy Gagne (author)

Publisher: Purple Toad Publishing ISBN: 9781624690075

Horses have a lot to say whether it is to tell you they are hungry, or they are getting sleepy, or they are simply having fun. Horses are eager to run, enthusiastic to play, and when they get tired, all they want to do is sleep, just like you and me. Here you will find some of the many wonderful traits of horses, and positive proof of how they make wonderful pets and very good friends.