A Case of Sense

Songju Ma Daemicke (author), Shennen Bersani (illustrator)

Publisher: Arbordale Publishing ISBN: 9781628558555

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While Ming plays outside one summer day, the smell of delicious food fills the air. It is coming from greedy Fu Wangs house, What is he up to? wonders Ming. To his alarm, Fu Wang demands that all the neighbors pay him for the pleasant smells. When the neighbors refuse, the case goes to court. How will the judge rule in this unusual case? Can Fu Wang make money from the neighbors sense of smell? A wise judge makes use of another sense to close the case with clever and convincing logic.

Reading Level
Fountas Pinnell Guided Reading
Numbers & Concepts Other
Interest Age
Ages 3-5 Ages 6-8
Kindergarten 1st Grade 2nd Grade 3rd Grade
Language Arts Social Studies
English (US)
Fiction Non-Fiction
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