12 Epic Space Journeys

Marne Ventura (author)

Publisher: Bookstaves ISBN: 9781632356857

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Presents 12 of the most epic space journeys. Readers will take an armchair tour of Neil Armstrong's first walk on the moon, a visit to the International Space Station, the NASA Voyager Program, and more.

Reading Level
Fountas Pinnell Guided Reading
Astronomy & Space History
Interest Age
Ages 6-8 Ages 9-12
3rd Grade 4th Grade 5th Grade
Science Social Studies
English (US)
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Expand your young reader's universe! Simple, straightforward text paired with color and historic photos discusses NASA and its major accomplishments in space travel. Beginning with the space race between the Soviet Union and the United States, readers will learn about the first space launches, the establishment of NASA and its early missions, Project Apollo and the moon landing, and NASA's future goals. Also discussed is NASA's development of spacecraft from space capsules to space shuttles to space stations, including the International Space Station. Features include a table of contents, fun facts, a glossary with phonetics, and an index. Buddy Books is an imprint of ABDO Publishing Group.